• Random Merch: TY Rarity, Applejac, and Fluttershy in Stock,

    The new set of TY Beanie Baby plushie ponies (including Applejack, Rarity, and Fluttershy) have been spotted over on Amazon.  Usually this means they will be invading everywhere soon, joining Rainbow, Twi, and Pinkie in stores. Thanks to Rosemarie for the link!

    Head on down below the break for more random merch!

    Target Shirts

    Another two from Target priced at 13 bucks! Thanks to Lala and Angela for the heads up.

    Grab and Go Cadance Fun Pack

    Includes crayons, coloring books, fuzzy velvet poster, and stickers.  Found at Walmart.

    Thanks to Treble Bolt and veronica for the heads up!

    Kohls Pony Shirtsand general clothing

    Kohls is jumping on the pony bandwagon, with this mens size tee filled with pony.   Find that one over here!

    And for the usual kids stuff, a bunch of random ones have popped up.  Get them here!

    Celestia Beach Towel

    Found at Target! Thanks to Danielle for the heads up.

    Umbrella Poncho

    Also at Target! An umbrella and poncho set.