• Hasbro Fourth Quarter and Full - Year 2013 Investor Financial Report - The Pony Stuff

    Hasbro has released their financial report for last year and the fourth quarter (final few months).  It's filled with numbers, and no one likes numbers, so lets just skip to the pony stuff! Or more specifically the girls stuff.

    Hasbro saw a 19% increase for the quarter and 26% gain for the year, making that the sixth straight quarter of growth, hitting 1.0 billion in revenue and record level for the girls section.  Their main mention is obviously pony, with Furby also noted.  I wonder if their analytics will ever count for the mass amount of male fans buying girl stuff now? In comparison, the boys section dropped -16%.  That can't be too exciting.

    Lets hope this keeps the pony merch flowing.  I wouldn't mind more Funko figures, 4de plushies, IDW comics, and Ultra Pro card game merchandise.  Now we need a side series that isn't humanized!

    Thanks to Christian Sharp for the heads up!