• "Pinkie Pride": Episode Followup:


    Followups so far this season have been a bit light on the background "just in case you missed it" elements that these were originally intended for, not because we stopped mentioning them, but because there haven't been a whole lot of instances where they could actually happen.  This episode makes up for it! We had entire scenes filled with "THAT'S TOTALLY X DOING X WITH X OMG".  Perfect.

    This is also the second fully musical episode, and one of the few that gave me some real life feels.  Needless to say, I loved it.  I've already watched it a few times.

    Anyway, I'm ending the blabbering.  There are 55something images below for that.  NOW GO.  

    Who here thought the episode was going to take place in Appleoosa back when the first few teasers popped up? Sneaky DHX! At least these guys are getting along still.  If this follows a similar path as earth's cowboys and Indians, they aren't going to be partying much longer!

    Good guy Google Play decided to lock away my HD watermark free purchase, so expect the logos and stuff. Have some boneless in celebration. His facial expression is pretty much what mine was when I realized I no longer had the episode and still had to do a followup at 6am. 

    So this Cheese Sandwich guy has a WORLDWIDE PINKIE SENSE.  Is this the next stage of Pinkie Pie's evolution? Does she truly ascend to godhood at that point? Or is she higher up than a god? Do gods travel between dimensions or only lord over one? I probably should have payed more attention in World Religions.

    Back to ponyville and the first of many little background thingies. Did Carrot Top always have a kid? Who are you guys going to ship her with now? 

    Are 4th wall jokes even mentionable anymore with Pinkie? Have this image regardless.  You could probably use it as one of those oldschool sad images with ponies behind an invisible barrier and a nameless human wishing he were with them.  Poor nameless human... 

    I knew someone who used to do this with her baby sister's  pacifier.  It grossed me out big time.  I guess a demigod doesn't have to worry about germs though. 

    Just because you can sing doesn't make me hate you any less. 

    Why do all ponies look good in hats?  Banner Mare is now best pony. They even gave her a WIZARD HAT.  My ONE WEAKNESS.  

    Obligatory cute Dash face.

    That frosting must have been laced with something.  It's the only explanation for the immense satisfaction on Rainbow's face in this scene.  

    Wouldn't that make every year her birthaversary? Or has Rainbow only been in ponyville for a year? This is a serious business issue that requires serious business analysis and serious business debate.

     New song, Buncha giraffes.

    SEE? I'm not the only one.  Pony LOVE HAT TOO. 

    So starry~  

    I wonder what system of measurement that use in Equestria? Does this confirm/Deny the exact FiM pony height?  Half the fandom would explode if they ended up too big.  Can't cuddle too big!

    It's about time we got some Lyra and Bonbon Friendship this season! I was beginning to think they ditched eachother!


    Hay must be the pony equivalent of oatmeal. 

     And thus begins the DERPY.

     This episode was WAY TOO HAPPY.  We can't have that! 

    Time for the mane 6 to turn on douchebag mode! She's like 10 feet away Dash! How could you? These ponies are so beyond oblivious sometimes it hurts. 

    Let me just toss that heart of yours up on the the fryer and make it nice and crispy.  You won't need it for the next 3 minutes or so anyway.  


    Bubble butt  break.

    Alright, you can stop feeling bad now.  I'm going to go hide under the covers.  

    I don't want to know what happened to the nurse she stole that from. 

    Three sisters! I guess that makes the chapter books canon?  That purple one was technically from over there. 

    Suddenly shading!  Or brightening.  Is it called something else when it's lighter? I honestly don't remember my high school drawing class at all.

     I'd be worried if she was rocking the Pinkamena haircut right now. That sandwich didn't stand a chance. 

    Omgsomuchderpy. She can bathe in any chocolate fountain she wants. Keep her coming animators! Thanks to bringing her back!

     And here I was thinking Cheese was the antagonist in this one.

    Usually in these here followups we point out the best faces of the episode.  This usually constitutes Rainbow Dash being cute, Rarity dropping a duckface, or Twilight doing that snarky thing she is so good at.  This right here though, I don't even know what to categorize it as.  Most terrifying face? Absolute insanity? 

    Let's go ahead and balance out the creepy with some Fluttershy being adorable.  A VOICE TO HEAL THE WORLD. 

     I have no idea what to say about this.  It's totally worth a screencap though.

    I still don't like Mules.  0/10 would not hug.  

    I er... what? Does he usually store things inside himself? Maybe you should stop evolving that demigod power for now Pinkie.  I'm actually a bit scared at what Pinkie Pie might use that ability for. 

    And thus begins the whole reason Weird Al was here in the first place.  POLKA time! I honestly can't decide what song in this episode is my favorite.  They are all awesome.  Time for a poll I think?

    She doesn't even fight it anymore. Just accept that a giant hook is pulling you up into the sky.  when two gods do battle, the mortals must simply give in.  It will all be over soon anyway.  

    I freakin love this episode.

    Who is this teddy bear that is tackling our very own Derpy Hooves? Is it a representation of the oppressive Hasbro of old?  Slowly crushing the life out of our fandom mascot? Glad that didn't last!

    And then my Weird Al fanboyism hit the maximum.  An official Polka version of Smile Smile Smile HATH ARRIVED. 

     I'd probably just give up right there.

    Apparently Pinkie Pie's song is an actual traditional mexican folk song for breaking pinatas open.  DHX did their research! (thanks to everyone that pointed that out, song over here

    I usually get 5-10 people sending in their big ol' theories on this each episode, usually pointing out that it has happened a few times. Yep! We know! Send Trixie art instead! 

    Wow, you completely ditched your best buddy for someone else with the same career halfway through her planning stage! Who would have thought she'd take that personally?! These ponies... sometimes I wonder. Lauren Faust was right when she said they act like kids.

     Woah, Berry Punch must be ancient.  I guess alcohol has the opposite effect on ponies? 

    LET THE FANON FLOW FREELY.  Lyra and Bonbon were buddies as kids?! And look at those glasses! You guys make fun of Twist now, but just wait 10 or so years.  Whichever one of you hooks up with her is in for a treat!

    Like any of you missed this one.

     And Colgate in braces!  That is overkill cute. 

    I'm not gonna lie, Cheese definitely beats Pinkie at party throwing. That godmode evolution on the Pinkie Sense seems to have unlocked an unlimited budget.

    I can already tell im going to be absolutely flooded with remixes of this one.  Incoming the dubstep.  My ears are already scared.

    Asssuming candle counts are the same in Equestria, Dash can now legally drink hard Cider in the United States. And then her career completely collapsed. 

    That is going to be one soggy eraser Do you know how many papers I ruined with that back in gradeschool?

    And after the Rainbow Power boneless we get the finale! It ended on the perfect note in my opinion.  Overall, this is right up there with Flutterbat for my favorite episode of the season.  You can really tell they put a whole bunch of love and attention into making it as awesome as possible.  Weird Al felt like the perfect compliment to an already excellent show.  I was a bit scared that it would be over the top in a bad way, but they nailed it. 

    It seems like the season just keeps on getting better and better as we go on.  I know my excitement for new episodes has fully returned.  There is a certain charm in finally having out background ponies playing "Where's Waldo?" as well.  They have been pretty absent for a lot of the initial episodes in S4.  Hopefully they keep poppin up!  I'm still waiting for that fandom shattering Vinyl Scratch voice over! 

    Have a nose boop to end it!