• GalaCon Gala Tickets and Information Available!

    Can't have a convention called GalaCon without a Gala now can we? The staff at GalaCon 2014 are proud to announce their ticket prices for their Gala as well as information on what to expect at this year's shindig.

    Check on after the break for all the information.

    Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

    With the current new moon we entered the year of the wooden horse. To celebrate it appopriately, we booked one outstanding musician for the Gala-Disco:

    Johannes Berthold AKA JayB is widely known for his trance remixes and probably the most-known German of the fandom. “Keep Running (feat. Sandra Wagner)”, “Equestria Girls - A Friend for Life (JayB Remix)” or “Hearts Strong as Horses (90s Rock)” are just a few examples of his extensive collection of music you MUST listen to. So: Let’s get ready to PARTY!

    And we know that you want to know when you finally can buy our tickets. We wasted enough of your time, so here it is: On the 10th February 2014 at 21:00 UTC (22:00 CET) you will have the opportunity to choose your ticket to the gala – The list below shows you all the details:

    We will announce a few more guests until it starts, so keep an eye on our Twitter, Facebook, Google+Page or join EuroBronies.

    Your GalaCon-Team
    (EPCU Member)