• Music of the Day #246

    We have 12 songs in this one tonight, covering just about everything.  Get them below! Or just talk about Octavia. 

    [1] Source
    Jasper Synth - Back At Me

    [2] Source
    Smile! (OdysseyEurobeat) cover for piano
    Remix - Piano

    [3] Source
    Fluttershy's Battle Theme (Love me) - By Sicknessia
    Instrumental - Prog Metal

    [4] Source
    Aquatic Stew - Applejack Likes Plants
    Instrumental - Trance

    [5] Source
    Flyghtning - Mahou-no hikari
    Instrumental - Ambient/Electronic

    [6] Source
    Apples to the Core Acoustic Cover
    Remix - Acoustic

    [7] Source
    D1SCORDANT: Timelapse (MLP FiM fan music)
    Instrumental - Electro/Industrial

    [8] Source
    Castle Mane-ia

    [9] Source
    Harmony (Full Orchestral Instrumental) (Original by MandoPony)
    Remix - Orchestral

    [10] Source
    The Cave
    Vocal Parody

    [11] Source
    Eccentrifuge - The Home We Found [Instrumental]
    Instrumental - Western

    [12] Source
    Everything's Staged (Jeff Burgess vocal cover)
    Vocal - Cover