• Canterlot University - Crowd Funding Campaign

    Canterlot University, the first pony convention in Singapore, is starting a crowd funding campaign and is currently looking for help! Check out their press release after the break and help out if you can. Let's add another convention to the world map!

    A new year, a new start. The Canterlot University Organization Committee is pleased to announce that we are starting a brand new crowd-funding campaign in the year of the horse, following the Chinese calender!

    First of all, Canterlot University will be making some changes to the social media branch of our campaign. Namely, more previews of our merchandise such as our comic book and music album are available and we will also be interacting more with potential con-goers and supporters by way of hosting fun contests and conversing with them through our various social media outlets, including our Facebook page and Tumblr blog.

    Secondly, Canterlot University will be making major changes to our crowdfunding campaign. After an unsuccessful run on Pozible, we have switched to using Indiegogo for our crowdfunding campaign instead, in the interest of resolving several key issues which caused the setback. 

    Most importantly, the campaign is now credit-card friendly courtesy of Indiegogo and we have made some changes to our goal and by extension, our budget.

    Additionally, we still offer the option of pledging offline instead of online. Sadly, due to the departure of one of our committee members, we are unable to offer the option of pledging offline in Malaysia. However, the option to pledge offline is still available in Singapore and Indonesia. 

    With only 170 days until show time, though, the staff of Canterlot University has kicked into full gear. Committee members Paulina, Jack, Benzley, Celia (Mocona) and Fadhil, along with the excellent artistic talents and other staff members of Canterlot University, are fully committed to making this convention one that goes down in history as the biggest, best pony convention in Asia!

    Volunteers are more than welcome to offer any help via our website www.canterlotuniversity.com and interested sponsors may contact us at [email protected]com

    We look forward to seeing you in Singapore on June 21st, and we look forward to continuing our great relationships with pledgers, artistic talents, press, and the whole of the Brony community!