• Discussion/Speculation: Spool of Thread and Rainbow Powers

    I'm keeping this under a season 4 label for now, even though it is technically already aired and isn't really a spoiler.  For safety sake though, why not!

    At the end of today's episode, we saw yet another little cliffhanger object, a spool of rainbow thread that "shines" with the same rainbow shine Rarity saw when noticing her friends weren't in the audience.   With Meghan's tweet up above, and the seemingly endless supply of end-of-episode foreshadowing this time around, it's pretty easy to think that at least a few of these are related in some way. 

    So what do you all think? Are these the "keys" to the chest in the season intro? Or are they a sign of secret still-locked powers each of the mane six will discover in the end, similar to the "Rainbow Power" merchandise that keeps popping up?