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    Fallout: Equestria is a big, expansive and inclusive universe that has spawned a whole plethora of side-stories,the newest and freshly updated editions of which are listed below.
    This post only features New or Updated stories from Tuesday, November 19th, 2013 through Monday, December 16th, 2013 for a total of 78 stories (24 of which are new) and 170 new chapters -but fear not, should you be searching for old favourites, you can find them at:
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    • All the stories in this post completely skip the pre-readers.Quality levels vary, but that isn't really the point. Ponies really love Fallout: Equestria,and taking a part of the world for themselves to build a story around is just great fun.
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    Author: Ten Mihara
    Description: 200 years is a long time. Through those years, and the experiences that filled them, I came to possess the knowledge that I imparted to everypony using the Wasteland Survival Guide. Now, it's time to tell my side of the story.
    One New Chapter: 15

    [Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: Gestalt
    Description: In the sands of the San Palomino Desert sits Stable 12. Unopened for nearly 200 years, the Stable promises a wealth of arcane and technological discoveries to any who may find a way to pry out the secrets within. None know what is inside the Stable, or if its inhabitants yet live, but many have set out to find answers while none have returned.
    One New Chapter: "The Fate of Stable 12"

    [Dark][Crossover][Alternate Universe]
    Author: Dannykat
    Description: Twilight Sparkle has called for a meeting between herself and the most dangerous killers in Equestria. The purpose of this meeting: To protect an artifact that will someday save the world.
    One New Chapter: "Home of the Lost"

    Author: CrystalHeart
    Description: When Crystal, a twenty-one-year-old unicorn, witnesses the death of her little sister. She must be forced to live with ponies who don't trust her as much as she does. Crystal now is trying to live a normal life in a horrible world full of complete violence and darkness.

    Based on the original story by Kklat~
    All characters in this story belong to me!

    The picture was made by hunterz263 for my FB page. Here's a link to his FIMfiction: http://www.fimfiction.net/user/hunterz263
    Two New Chapters: "Prologue", 1

    [Dark][Comedy][Random][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: thefurryrailfan
    Description: From neighboring stables, a pair of unlikely friends find themselves thrust into a wide, frightening new world, ripe with dangers and exciting adventures in store for them. Between the new friends they'll make on this expedition, and the new challenges they'll face in the irradiated icebox the North Equestrian wasteland is, they have to decide for themselves just how much it was worth it to leave their homes.
    Eight New Chapters: "Stable 34", "Stable 76", "Meeting Up", "To Mooscow!", "Making Friends", "Returning", "Old Bones, New Math", "Decay"

    Author: Kurorahk
    Story Mirror Sites:  Google Docs
    Description: Moonlight is a child of two former scavengers turned merchants. She lives in the beached ship Saint Clover that was a cargo ship before the world fell apart and was engulfed in balefire. Saint Clover is considered a safe heaven for scavengers who pick over the ruins of Seamane as well as a port of call to merchants from all over. As always, no place is safe forever in the wasteland. Long has the area of Seamane been harassed by raiders attacking caravans and taking over towns. Worse are the slavers who have started to come from the west kidnapping ponies from their homes.

    Warning, depictions of death, drug use, drowning, rape, strangulation, and suffocation. (Modified original Logo by Dotrook)

    Google Docs Version.
    Four New Chapters: 1, 2, "Introduction", 3

    Sword Mare


    [Random][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: ReifuTD
    Description: Throw your normal logic out the window as you enter into the high fantasy propaganda war time infused comic book world of Sword Mare. Inspired by Golden and Silver age comic books and based off of the comic book series found in the Fallout: Equestria universe.

    Captain Zero Endless is trapped in a world of both the future and the past. There he teams up with the hero Claymari know as Sword Mare and her Unicorn daughter Philia to fight the Evil Zebra menace. Meanwhile Top Zebra assassin Azrael is sent to the world of future and the past to pursue Captain Zero Endless.

    In Sword Mare’s world the Zebra rule a poisoned Equestia. The trees and animals have gone wild, the ground bare with soil. The pony races are divided and at best barley stand each other.
    Three New Chapters: "The World of both the Future and the Past!!!", "Church of Bones", "New Frontiers Part 3: A Storm of Fire"

    Author: psp7master
    Description: [WARNING: HomagePip toaster/toaster repairpony sexual role-play]

    When the great battles have been won, the past leaves its scars. It catches up with you, threatening to crush you with guilt, pain of loss, and heart-breaking sorrow. Littlepip knows it only too well. What she also knows is that your loved one can help you deal with any issue, any problem, by any means. Homage has a... peculiar way of dealing with issues, sometimes. A firm believer in the healing power of orgasms, the DJ has an idea. An idea that may change her, and Littlepip's, life. Or, at least, their sexual life. Or, just lead to a night of kinky role-play. In any way, it is worth a try, right?

    /This story is set in the universe of Fallout: Equestria several years after the events of the Fo:E chapter Epilogue. Yes, Kkat has graciously given me permission to use her characters in this story. No, this story is by no means canon or connected to the main storyline of the original Fallout: Equestria.
    This story was inspired by the worderful picture by King-Koder that I'm using as cover art. Show the artist some love!
    Edited by Syvvak
    One New Chapter: "When I'm a Toaster Repairpony"

    Author: RealmOfMereShadows

    Nopony ever wanted the apocalypse, the fall of the Balefire bombs, the release of the pink cloud and all the mess that happened afterward. Fortunately, I survived the Last Day. Unfortunately, I lived long enough to see the hell that followed and fought long enough to leave my mark into the brickwork of the shaping Equestrian Wasteland.

    My name is Vault Skin, but ponies know me as 'Waste'. And this is my story.

    Co-writer & Editor: ApocalypseTankPony-Vera
    Pre-read by RevelRomp, Vocal Brony, Mandelbrony
    Set up in Kkat's alternative/crossover universe
    Inspired by KKat's Fallout:Equestria, Somber's Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons
    Image Background, Tsutomu Nihei
    Thanks to everypony
    Two New Chapters: "Prologue", "Chapter one - Balefire falls"

    Author: TornadoFIM
    Description: The Wasteland is a cruel and unforgiving for one who was not born and raised there.

    The disembodied voices and cries of those anguished in the flames still echo throughout the Wasteland. After the door to Stable 30 is opened for the first time in 200 years, my sister had thrown herself out and beyond the door to explore the world beyond the large steel door that had been keeping us all protect for over two centuries. Now with her gone, I leave the Stable also, in search of reuniting with her once again.

    Along my journey across the Wasteland, I meet more than enough friends to keep me occupied. And even some enemies along the way -- however, I would never let them stand in my way, I would never let them prevent me from finding the last bit of family I had left. My name is Tornado Dash and this is my story.
    Character tags may be added as the story progresses!
    Four New Chapters: "Introduction", "Prologue", "1. Stable 30", "Act I"

    Author: Calbeck
    Description: A dark night leads to a darker decision for one Decanus and her troops.
    One New Chapter: "Chapter 1"



    Author: DeciMayhem
    Description: Despite her lack of wings and magic, Collateral has made a name for herself where no Earth pony has before: as a member of Equestria's elite squadron of Vertibuck pilots. Orphaned by the Great War and alive for its stunning conclusion, Collateral finds herself thrust into a sprawling, depraved wasteland where civilization and civility have all but ceased to exist. She must learn how to live without her wings of steel and adjust to life on the other side of the bombs, or else risk losing what little humanity she has left.
    Three New Chapters: "Prologue: Air Superiority", 1, 2

    Author: Retl
    Description: Fallout Equestria: CHEATER UNICORN MAGIC‽ is a collection of Sketch Stories in the magical wasteland of Equestria. After a Princess, a Zebra Caezar, some aliens, and half of the entire planet simultaneous crit-fail their diplomacy speech-rolls, everything blew up. But then it got better. Kinda.

    But then there’s always that one pony who thought getting blown up was the most fun thing they ever did, and would totally do it again. “Ten out of ten, doesn’t require any survival, would explode again!” Over two hundred years after the great accident that doomed Equestria to a brown and grey fate, survivors in Stable Lab Forty-Five Research and Development gave that one pony a prototype Pipbuck attachment with the ultimate power over all life, all physics, and all of reality. So naturally, the first thing they did with it was die horribly! But the second thing they did with it was ignore the instruction book and play with it like a toy.

    Do you know why modern operating systems terminate programs that go out of bounds? Just one wrong tweak, and the weird escalates quickly... and ends everything abruptly.

    If you were expecting friendship lessons, they’re not here.
    One New Chapter: 1

    Author: Tetragrammaton
    Description: There're things out there in the wasteland, even the historians didn't know about.

    Whirling Feather is an oridnary pegasus, living above the protecting cloud cover created by the Grand Pegasus Enclave over twohundred years ago and like every enclave pegasus, she has joined the miltary forces.
    But after she had gone missing during a mission on the surface and has to seek a way home, back to the skys, she encounters a conflict that has been frozen in time.
    A confilct from long before the Great War, long before Equestria even knew the word "war".
    And this conflict may or may not destroy Equestria...

    [This fiction is based on the one Kkat created. I do not own any rights concerning the Fallout games, My Little Pony or Fallout Equestria itself]

    [This is my first fanfiction so if there's anything wrong (and there will be something, I'm sure) feel free to comment]
    Three New Chapters: "War, war never changes", 1, 2

    Author: pvtread
    Description: When all you have is suddenly taken from you what do you do:

    Firing Pin is your average screw up; but when his non attention to detail gets another pony killed the leader of the stable must kick him out of his home. Not however before his best friend finds information on something called The Iron Fish. Ever curious he finds himself soon invloved in more than he could ever imagine.
    Three New Chapters: "Prolog", "Stepping into hell-part1", "Stepping into hell-part2"

    [Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: Slashwing
    Description: When the main generator breaks, Slashwing is tasked with finding the needed parts. That would be a lot easier if the land wasn't filled with mutated beasts and crazy ponies. But with the help of a grenade lobbing unicorn he might just be able to do it.
    Four New Chapters: "log2, a storm in 53", "log3, rewards", "log4, the demo the soilder and the medic", "log5, raido propoganda"

    [Comedy][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: InLucidReverie
    Description: A young colt embarks on an epic quest to find a ghost pirate's treasure. In his endeavors he must travel almost a mile from home, battle seemingly insurmountable odds in hoof-to-hoof combat and risk never tasting sweetroll again.
    One New Chapter: "The Great Blue"

    Author: CrystalHero97
    Description: The name's Sabre Shot. Call me Sabre for short if ya want.

    I'm a traveller of the wasteland. I crawled my sorry flank outta Stable 12 and began a new life out here. S'been at least 300 years since the war that ravaged Equestria and made it the hostile land it is today.

    Nowadays ponies are scavengin' for anything in order to survive the extremities that the wasteland offers. The biggest threats aren't the mutated animals, thirst, hunger- None of that shit. The biggest threat out there are other survivors.

    Now, ya might be wonderin' who I am to the ponies that live out there. Some call me a hero, most call me a demon. Call me what you will, I don't really care.

    Armed with nothin' but a few guns at my side and a PipBuck 3000, I push my way through the wasteland and attempt to survive. Meetin' others along the way. Breaking and forging new relationships with others. Ya'd think you would be able to handle the pressure on your own.

    Well, sometimes a helpin' hoof is all ya need.


    Alright, hey everybrony. I've been researching and reading all the Fallout Equestria stories I can find (as well as the original) just to get an idea of how these things are written. Imagine Sabre's voice as a sorta Clint Eastwood style rough hardened badass voice. Hope ya'll satisfied with what ya read!
    One New Chapter: "Prologue - Stable 12"



    Author: Gaius Marius
    Description: Metro 2033 and Fallout Equestria crossover. The story takes place in the Zebra underground metro system. One generation after the pony Mega-spell retaliation.

    Kohn, a first generation metro dweller journeys through the metro system to enlist aid against a new mutant threat that could destroy the survivors.
    Two New Chapters: "Prologue", "Hunter"

    [Dark][Alternate Universe]
    Author: Zytharros
    Description: A tainted Stable protects a crystal filled with a colt from the past, exposed by accident to an early form of the Impelled Metamorphosis Potion. However, Stable Eighty-Five is no longer safe. A young pegasus named Crusader Candy must find another location before the security detail of the former military base does something drastic.

    But first, she must learn the rules of the Wasteland.

    Set in the same universe as Kkat's Fallout: Equestria.
    With ideas borrowed from Chengar Qordath's The Life and Times of a Winning Pony.
    Two New Chapters: "The Haze", "The Baptized"

    [Dark][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: S3rb4n
    Description: A nameless bounty hunter is sent by Tenpony Tower to find a certain pony called Careless Garden in the Raider-infested ruins of Plate River.

    (Experimental story, might not get updated in a long time)
    One New Chapter: "Prologue: Rivers of Silver"

    [Sad][Dark][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: Windrunner
    Description: Set in the Fallout: Equestria universe, each chapter is intended to be its own self-contained story not necessarily related to the next, tying into each other.
    Four New Chapters: "Auton", "Magnificent", "The Wind", "A Series of Irrelevant Events"

    [Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: Acespadez1134
    Description: Splitstream has never considered himself a very important pony. In fact when he got his cutie mark he was quite sure that important was the opposite of who he was. After an important incident that causes him to flee to below the cloud cover his life takes a dramatic turn for the adventurous.

    Trying my hand at a Fallout Equestria story. wish me luck.
    Five New Chapters: "Chapter 1", "Chapter 2", "Chapter 3", "Chapter 4", "Chapter 5"



    [Dark][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: BlueNinja
    Description: When the megaspells and balefire bombs went off, turning Equestria into a brutal, deadly wasteland, thousands of ponies survived in the underground Stables. But when the radiation levels dropped, and the all-clear signal was given, Stable 92 decided to remain sealed, to ignore the outside world a little while longer. Of course, in the Wastes, nothing can remain buried forever, no matter how much they want to.
    One New Chapter: "Prologue"

    Weak Wings


    Author: Scholar Fillisari
    Description: Inspired by the magnificent piece of work by KKhat: Fallout Equestria

    Bittersweet Is a Pegasus Pony from Stable 34 The only of her kind she knows of. After A hard day of work I.E Drinking Vodka and doing Paperwork. Until one night Bittersweet follows a pony up after curfew. From that moment onward she is thrown into a hole of violence despair and sin as she is caught in a massive roller coaster fighting for her own survival with her friends whom are wrapped in sin too.
    Four New Chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4

    [Dark][Comedy][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: Iridescence T Wind
    Description: Escaped from her stable. Aria Web, AKA Experiment 1993-13, must brave the Equestrian Wastelands in order to survive away from her previous life. But what awaits her in the Wastes when Almost everything is trying to get you killed? Well, she Guess's being a Changeling has its own rewards as well.

    Based on Fallout:Equestria. The untold story of the western side of the wasteland. Where mysterious dangers such as Aqua Lights, The Secrets of The Hole and other things await. Will a lonely Changeling mare survive? or Will the wasteland claim her life before it's due? At least we have good radio.
    Four New Chapters: 16, 17, 18, 19

    Arcane Division


    [Dark][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: ReifuTD
    Description: Arcane Division is set within five years give or take of the Fallout: Equestria’s epilogue.

    Due to the high amount of strange monsters and fringe science events across the former Equestrian Wasteland, the government of New Canterlot Republic puts together teams to travel across the lands to seek out and investigate these phenomenon.

    Notes: This story is a fusion of a few different concepts I have been wanting to do. First I’ve been wanting to do Fallout: Equestria stories based off events and things in the IDW MLP comic books. Second I’ve been wanting to feature the monsters and characters from my Fallout Equestria: Silent Ponyville in anthology stories putting them in a real world setting of the Equestrian Wasteland. (You don’t need to read FoE: SP, the stories are kind of linked so Arcane Division does spoil some things for FoE: SP.) How I would do the two concepts would have been very similar so I decided to smooshed the ideas and character cast together. I also tossed the idea of a NCR investigative government agency around and I lot of people seemed to like it. So I added that aspect as well.
    One New Chapter: "Mega Man-Fo:E:SP/Rock-Roll/Forgotten Dolls"

    Begin Again


    [Dark][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: AwesomeOemosewA
    Description: They say war never changes.
    But we would have carried our torch out into the wastes, and put it to the horizon, reigniting our country's dawn. We would have stamped out the fires that still lapped at the edges of its flag, swept away the ashes of old cities, and taken apart those quiet engines of war, to leave the earth as it was to those three pioneer tribes, and write our names into new scripture.

    We would not only have changed war... we would have destroyed it, scouring it from even the hollow places, from the empty spaces between the stars. War... would be no more.

    But they spoiled it, and planted a bullet in place of our seed.

    If only any of us had seen it then. If only we had known our history:
    Known that, in the end, a bullet and a seed are not so different.
    After all... every war has to start somewhere.
    Three New Chapters: 10, "BOOK III: LEVITICUS", 11

    Black And White


    [Dark][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: Philweasel
    Description: Seventeen years have passed since the day of Sunshine and Rainbows, and the New Canterlot Republic is stronger than ever. But with success comes greed and ambition, the various factions within the Republic jostling for the right to decide the future of this new civilization. Now their ambitions drive them to gain control of one of the most ambitious projects yet faced by the NCR, a project two hundred years in the making... peace with the Zebra Empire.
    One New Chapter: 2

    [Dark][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: Appletart Longshot
    Description: You've heard of the Sierra Maredre Casino.

    We all have, the legend, the curses.
    Foolishness of it lying in the middle of the City of the Dead, buried beneath a blood-red cloud.
    A bright shining monument, luring treasure hunters to their doom.

    The world's most famous stars and entertainers were invited to its Grand Opening.
    An invitation was a sign of... exclusiveness.
    The opening was supposed to symbolise a road to a better future, not just for the world...
    ...but for all who came to its doors.

    A Chance to begin again.

    Except the Sierra Maredre never opened.

    The war froze it in time, like a big flashbulb going off.
    The Grand Opening - one big ending of Equinity.

    It's still out there, in the Wastes, preserved, just waiting for somepony to crack it open.
    But getting to it, that's not the hard part.

    It's letting go.

    (Disclaimer. I do not own Fallout: New Vegas and the characters within the game, they are owned by Obsidian and Bethesda Studios. This story uses dialogue speech used by ingame characters as well as character names as this story is my experience playing Fallout: New Vegas - Dead Money. I take no credit for those aspects i'm using in this story. Thank you and enjoy)
    One New Chapter: 3



    [Dark][Crossover][Adventure][Slice of Life]
    Author: Noakwolf
    Description: Neo and Adam are brothers who care about family more than anything, and for them their lives are good. That is until they are mysteriously given an out of the blue assignment leaving Neo crippled, and to top it off their mother completely vanishes without any explanation. Determinded to find her, the two leave their calm life in Stable 142, only to face a war torn province with a mysterious past. It's up to them to find their mother amongst the chaos at any cost.
    *Cover art by Pantzar, go look at him if you get the time!*
    Proofread mainly by LyonAzakura and Wayofthepen.
    Also edited by, Thefullmetalbrony.
    Written by, Noakwolf.
    Kkat thanks for creating the world of Fallout: Equestria. As this story would not have even been conceived without the wonderful story you created for us.
    One New Chapter: "Forget Me Not (A Brotherhood side story special)"

    Author: FireStorm2247
    Description: Nova, a mare pegasus pony, was born and raised in a place of safety and security by a proud and noble family. Stable 181, a Stable dedicated to teaching and preserving the pre-war virtues known as the Elements of Harmony, allowed its residents to live a life of peace, knowledge, and honor. But when the Stable falls under attack by a raider war party, Nova and the remaining residents are cast out into the Equestrian wasteland.

    Without a home, Nova and the remaining Stable survivors must band together to make a living out in the wasteland. They must start from scratch, find a home, learn to trade and explore, and establish a foothold in the wastes. But during her efforts to help her people, Nova comes across strange pre-war recordings and artifacts pointing to a hidden pre-war nation. And when a mysterious pony questions Nova’s virtue and beckons for her to discover what the writings portray, Nova and her closest friends find themselves cast into a war fought to secure a legacy left behind by a secret pre-war society. Nova’s quest leads her to test her heart against the unrelenting force of the wasteland, to discover the meaning of the word honor, and to seek out and unlock a concealed pre-war secret, revealing to Nova that she is a part of something greater than she could have ever imagined.

    (This story is set twenty-five years before the adventures of Littlepip.)
    One New Chapter: 16

    Duck and Cover!


    [Dark][Comedy][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: hahatimeforponies
    Description: After unwittingly rescuing some prisoners from a band of slavers, Atom Smasher is hailed as a hero by the citizens of the little town of Colton, and ponies are falling over each other to sing her praises and send her on borderline-pointless errands. However, Atom might be just about the last pony the Mareseyside wasteland wants as its champion. Not because she just fell out of the never-finished Stable 512 - it's that she might actually have less of a conscience than the raiders, slavers, bandits and baddies she's been charged with fending off.

    Who's this Little Pip everyone keeps talking about?

    A satirical Fallout Equestria story where the messianic Stable Dweller turns out to be an unfettered thrill-seeker with no moral compunction, or in other words, the average gamer. This story is also a NaNoWriMo challenge, in which I attempt to write 50,000 words in 30 days.
    Six New Chapters: "Muffled Plot Playing In The Distance", "They Think It's All Over", "There Is No Chapter 15.5", "Taking A Third Option Doesn't Always Work", "Fallout: Equestria - Duck and Orange", "A Hole In One"

    Echoes of Chaos


    Author: Fallingsnow
    Description: Echo grew up in the relative safety of post-Paragon Hornsmith, trained to survive but protected from the outside. Life in the Equestrian wasteland will always be a harsh one, as she quickly discovers when she leaves town to start contributing.

    --This story is the sequel to Fallout Equestria: Guise of Chaos, so reading that first would greatly assist understanding.--
    One New Chapter: 3

    Elder Knowledge


    Author: Veradon Chimera
    Description: In the cold north of the Crystal Wasteland, Stable 46 has thrived despite the horrors, acting as a trading post into the Crystal Wastelands from Equestria. But when Twilight Twinkle chooses to leave her life of relative comfort to step into the frozen wasteland, she doesn’t know just what she is really stepping into.
    But there is something else stirring in the Wasteland. Something which is slowly casting its shadow over the frozen north and beyond. Something which is older than Equestria itself.
    And, unknown to Twilight, she is setting herself up to walk right into its heart.
    One New Chapter: "A Product of Peace"

    False Dawn


    Author: Requiem Mori
    Description: Set in the world created by Kkat and expanded upon by other authors, this story takes place in Fallout: Equestria, following the journey of Nevermore. Unforgiven, she atones for her sins through aimless wandering, enduring the suffering around her. Her life is a cold and lifeless thing, and she has grown to accept her fate, as much as she rails against it. But perhaps even one such as she can find a glimmer of hope in the blasted wasteland, or will the world break her further, as she races against time.
    One New Chapter: 13

    Fertile Ground


    Author: Warbalist
    Story Mirror Sites:  Google Docs
    Description: In the previously star-studded streets of Applewood, the once entertainment capital of Equestria, the lives of a scribe, a farmer, three spies, an inventor, a store clerk, a broken-hearted warrior and a bodyguard cross paths in a tale of deceit and corruption.

    Can friendship survive a power struggle?
    Two New Chapters: 9, "Fertile Ground - Poem"

    Forsaken Heroes


    Author: Broken Reign
    Description: Waking up in a dark,dank, tunnel miles away from home is the first thing Reign wanted to do, but soon to find out, him and his friends are part of somthing much,much larger of a divine plan to shape thier destines,

    For Better, or for worse...
    Author: Broken Reign
    Editor and Proofreader: Angst Quillknight

    Inspired by the Works of Somber and KKat, and all great writers of FO:E.
    One New Chapter: 8

    Gaia Prevails


    [Dark][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: John Colt
    Description: My name is Aideen, I was a slave for the Crimson Company. As I grew up learning Stable-maintenance my talent has been used to hack terminals and the likes. The story starts with them discovering a facility by "Gaia Prevails", a resistance-group especially known for stealing and destroying research and weapons on both sides during the later half of the war.
    Of that team I am the only survivor; they were all slaughtered by - and this is where it gets weird - an evil bodiless entity, I believe is Nightmare Moon. After having a good bloodbath she planted a weird type of memory-orb in my saddlebags and let me go.
    Being a free pony has its own set of challenges, getting a mission from Nightmare Moon and keeping a slaver-superpower from getting all that fancy tech from the Gaia Prevails facility doesn't help with that either.
    I don't think I'm going insane, but then again 90% of those who are deny it.
    Two New Chapters: "Chapter Twenty-Two: Torture", "Chapter Twenty-Three: Howling"

    [Dark][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: Sprocket Doggingsworth
    Story Mirror Sites:  deviantART
    Description: A young filly in present day Ponyville is cursed with nightmares of post-apocalyptic Equestria. She finds herself influencing the course of future history in ways that nopony notices, and that she herself cannot understand. Without her seemingly minor contributions, many of the events depicted in Fallout: Equestria (by Kkat) would not be possible.

    She must learn to balance her life at home with her life on the other side of the veil, and fight to preserve her own sanity, and her own innocence. She discovers that such a task is only possible through the magic of friendship.
    One New Chapter: 6

    Author: David-Irastra
    One New Chapter: "Capitulo 15 Parte III Electricidad y Sangre"

    Long Winter, The


    [Dark][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: SawyerAuthorPony
    Description: It is currently 150 years after the Megaspells hit Equestria and the world was reduced to nothing more than a shadow of it's former self. Storm Rider, a simple Bounty Hunter from the Baltimare area, is just trying to live her life and get by on contracts she takes. All that changes when she meets a mysterious Unicorn named Predious and finds herself in way over her head.

    Side note, this story is the spiritual prequel to FoE: Better Days. Gamma and I are collaborating between our respective fics, so there may be some similarities between them. It is not required reading, but if you do want to know a bit more about what happens to Storm, you might want to checking it out.
    Two New Chapters: "Chapter Seven - Pitch Black", "Chapter Eight - Dawn"

    Long Winter, The


    [Dark][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: wolfoftheshadows
    Description: Ahiga Silverback was a simple(albiet mistreated) wolf living in Stable 200. Then Unicorn Supremacists invade his stable, kill most of the wolf population AND take his little sister.
    What's a wolf to do?
    Why,go hunting in the Nothern, and very cold, wastelands of Equestria of course!
    One New Chapter: "Chapter 2"



    [Romance][Sad][Dark][Comedy][Crossover][Alternate Universe]
    Author: TheBobulator
    Description: My name is Frosty Winds. I was just your typical, rank-and-file Enclave scout. I had an ordinary life, living in contentment among my loving family and good friends. Things were good.
    At least, I'm pretty sure that was the case; I honestly can't say for certain anymore. One moment, I was being recruited to take part in a routine Wasteland scouting mission, and the next moment I wake up as a prisoner of the Steel Rangers.
    On the bright side, I’m not missing much. Just all of my memories. And my left foreleg. Nothing important, really. Pile on a disease I’m not vaccinated against and being a few clouds short of a weather system probably doesn’t make any of this much better.
    As if that wasn't enough, apparently I made a deal before I lost my memories. If I don't complete my task I agreed to within a month, I'll die. Of course, it would be helpful if I could remember what the agreement was.
    So here I am, floundering aimlessly about the Equestrian Wasteland. I have absolutely no idea what happened, what I should do, or how to uncover the secrets that lie within my stolen memories.
    Help. I need an adult.
    Two New Chapters: 6, 7

    [Dark][Comedy][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: Gamma Deekay
    Description: On his journey to become a legendary wasteland trader, Backlash and his best friend Skyline journey around Equestria in an attempt to solve a problem that has existed from before the Great War even started. But as a shy young Steel ranger acolyte and rough and tumble Griffin join their adventures, the whole of the wasteland seemingly erupts into chaos as the politics and power players of the time come into their own. But one thing is for sure, not everypony is who, or what they seem to be at first glance.
    Two New Chapters: 22, 23

    Author: Fuzzy
    Story Mirror Sites:  FIMFiction
    Description: To become a slave is bad. To be born a slave is forever damaging.

    For young Murky, the life of the labourer and servant is all he has ever known, raised without knowledge of freedom or the concept of choice. But when the brutality of his newest masters in Fillydelphia becomes all too much and the heroic escape of a certain little mare takes place before his eyes, Murky finally discovers a life worth fighting for. His own.

    Broken from the indoctrination, Murky sets out to reclaim the freedom that has been denied to him throughout his entire life. Against abusive slavers, a fatal illness wracking his body and the attentions of ponies that often cannot be trusted, Murky sets out to achieve the impossible. To escape Fillydelphia.

    But when your cutie mark is a set of shackles...are you really supposed to be free at all?
    One New Chapter: 22

    New Age


    Author: Magic City Brony7
    Description: In the nearby nation of Prancem, twenty-four ponies are chosen for a very special mission to scout unknown areas for further Prancem conquest. However a sudden attack on a airship delivering these twenty-four ponies. Causes said airship to crash in a post apocalypse Equestria. Forcing the survivors to find the perfect haven to seek safety... New Ponyville. However they learn of plans for a second great war, this time with Prancem. Now they have to unite with new friends and old enemies to protect the new Equestria.

    Thanks to PoisonSt for the cover art.
    Thanks to Barrobroadcaster for the editing.
    One New Chapter: "Sky Battle Over the Crystal Empire Part 1"

    New Pegas


    Author: Roy Calbeck
    Story Mirror Sites:  deviantART,  Google Docs,  Furaffinity
    Description: Mr. Horse's pet courier has been murdered and his property stolen. And while the price on the killers' heads is good enough to get any bounty hunter's attention, it's the bonus for returning a silly little poker chip that draws Dead-Shot in.

    A pony could retire on that kind of jackpot...
    One New Chapter: 19

    Author: Red Light
    Description: There is a story of a special radio signal from before the war. It was said to be capable of telling the future. Imagine if such a tool fell into the hands of evil, the horror that could be wrought.
    To save Equestria, one griffon and her comrades must find the number station before the Dreadsaw Legion.
    One New Chapter: 20

    Author: the-furry-railfan & MintyCandy
    Story Mirror Sites:  Furaffinity
    Description: I’m Minty Candy, one of Stable 76’s many technicians. Like everypony else, I was born here, raised here, and odds are, will die here, but whatever it’s like down here has to be better than outside. My foal-hood was about as idyllic as one could get in the Stables, I never really made any enemies, though I wasn’t loved by everyone either. As I grew older I gained a… fascination with the technology littered around the Stable. Hehe, I suppose you could say my first love was my Pip-Buck; I spent countless hours taking this thing apart and putting it back together. I also picked up hacking the security locks and picking the doors on the locks in my free time, always good things to know.

    You wouldn’t believe how happy I was when the G.O.A.T. assigned me as a technician; I hear that thing is really unreliable. Access to all that technology gave me a lot of ideas, my pride and joy being my horn, of course. So long as I have access to a large power supply (probably on the nuclear level) advanced spells are not a problem! Though, unfortunately, after hacking my way into the plasma weapon storage, I was rudely interrupted.
    Three New Chapters: 13, 14, 15

    Old Grudges


    [Sad][Dark][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: SawyerAuthorPony
    Description: Many of us believe that Fate is an uncontrollable force. That the bullet we should keep an eye out for is not the one labeled with our name, but the bullet labeled 'To whom it many concern.' This is the story of an individual who has conquered fate. Who now determines what time is appropriate for him die.
    One New Chapter: 7



    [Tragedy][Sad][Dark][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: Eventorizon
    Description: Stable Seventeen. A fish tank in reverse. Safe haven for two hundred and fifty ponies to survive away from the balefire radiation of the Pony-Zebra war.
    But when the glass breaks and the water drains in how quickly could you adapt to survive in the equestrian wasteland when nothing is as it should be?
    Faced with the death of her entire stable, Francium sets out to repair the damage she helped cause, return those who are enslaved to their rightful homes and discovers that Stable-Tec's Research & Development department really did take Project Nightmare one step too far.
    One New Chapter: 9



    Author: Cooperdawg
    Description: As the boss of a raider gang, Ever, as she is known by the rest of her gang, has not had a simple life. She has spent almost every day maneuvering simply to stay ahead and stay there, working towards nothing more than her own survival, and doing everything and anything to obtain it. On the fateful day when one of her underlings arrives late, and with some mysterious loot, Ever's entire outlook on life is shaken to its core. Forced to face emotions she had thought buried, she must juggle managing her gang with unraveling this new mystery.
    But all is not as simple as it appears as unforeseen events force Ever out of her familiar life and casts her out into the harsh and unforgiving Equestrian wasteland with barely more than her own hide. Flung out on her own, Ever must now face the demons of her past while trying to secure her place in the future.
    One New Chapter: 14



    Author: midworld1999
    Description: "How far that little candle throws his beams! So shines a good deed in a weary world."

    Revamp has a cutie mark of a gas torch flame, signifying repair and innovation. How far will his talents take him?

    Kkat is the author of the original Fallout: Equestria. Go read his/her story first if by some fluke you haven't. If you find any inconsistencies with Kkat's original story or within this story by itself, feel free to leave a comment and let me know. Same goes for any other grammatical or spelling mistakes.

    New tags will be added as they become necessary.

    Note: Accidentally hit publish for Chapter 3 on 9/1/2013. Say sorry.
    Two New Chapters: 5, 6

    Rough Water


    [Tragedy][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: luckytheseal
    Description: Imagine a land that wasn't shades of grey.
    A world where the sun shone brightly and the plants grew more vibrantly than ever.

    Welcome to the Compact Archipelago, once it was a zebra colony, now it's governed by a near ancient agreement, Zebra villagers feed the remnants of the Equestrian Royal Navy, and the navy protects the villagers from pirates.

    Seems simple right? Kill pirates get food, while looking for pirates, kick back and enjoy the surf, fresh air, the tropical fruit, and the sun...

    Wrong! The entire "relaxing" thing is quickly killed by the fact their are mine fields, 20 foot swells, diseases, the fact that the pirates are every bit as well armed as you, and you know... THE OCEAN IS IRRADIATED!

    Now some group of pegasus ass-hats decked out in black just show up, blow up one of our boats, and occupy an island. Fuck. That. It's war!
    this is for the 500 member contest under "at the sea", but the other two sort of come in...

    oh and that hasty phottoshop job that barley passes as cover art was made by me.
    One New Chapter: 3



    Author: volrathxp
    Story Mirror Sites:  Google Docs,  Pony Fiction Archive
    Description: When the Goddess died, the minds and souls in Unity spread out across the Alicorn race. From the ashes of her death, the Alicorns banded together and with assistance from Velvet Remedy created the Followers of the Apocalypse.

    Radiant Star, a younger Alicorn and a newly initiated member of the Followers, experiences a terrifying magic that changes her body to appear similar to a certain Ministry Mare that was part of the Goddess. But the changes do not stop there. Star soon finds that she is harboring the barest emotions and feelings of Twilight Sparkle, and is desperate to understand why.

    With her fellow Follower Violet Iris in tow, Star searches for the answers she needs. Soon she will find out that her transformation will affect the entire world.
    One New Chapter: 31

    [Dark][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: Pokonic
    Description: Ever Watchful was a typical young bull, eager to see more of the world outside his isolated home. At least, more of it besides the bleak wastelands that surrounded him every day. However, when actions beyond his control sends him in the direction of the city of Tauronto, the other last great city, he must question everything he has assumed about the world and himself as he carves out a new life.

    Also, what the hell is this "Caladonia" place, anyway?
    One New Chapter: "Interlogue: Behold, Tauronto?"

    Treasure Hunting


    Author: Hnetu
    Story Mirror Sites:  Google Docs
    Description: Hidden Fortune and her sister grew up in the Wasteland, learning it’s dangers and doing their best to stay out of sight and out of mind of the larger world. During a treasure hunt they discover a Stable, and a chance encounter changes their world. Now the sisters must travel out of their element, learn how to survive all over again, and hopefully, discover the one true treasure of the Wasteland.
    One New Chapter: 18

    Viva Las Pegasus


    Author: S3rb4n
    Story Mirror Sites:  Google Docs,  deviantART,  Pony Fiction Archive
    Description: Set up in the universe of Fallout Equestria, Viva Las Pegasus tells the story of Farsight, a Stable Pony cast into the wilderness of the wastes.

    The City of New Pegasus remained unharmed by the bombs and the megaspells, and has been growing ever since. Beneath the city lights, the dwellers of Stable 188 live their lives ignorant of what lies above. Every once in a year, a dweller gets cast away into the Wasteland. Meet Farsight, a pony from the Stable 188, who suffers such terrible fate, and watch him rise to power in a post-apocalyptic mobster world... just to fall back into oblivion.
    Five New Chapters: 15, 16, 17, 18, 19

    Author: AngryCocroach
    Story Mirror Sites:  EveryPony
    Description: Порою в жизни, мы совершаем поступки о которых потом жалеем. Принимаем решения, которые принесут не одну бессонную ночь. И если судьба дает тебе шанс, начать все заново не оглядываясь на содеянное тобою ранее, то стоит ли гнаться за фантомами былого? И, что если твое прошлое намного ужаснее твоего настоящего.
    Без прошлого, нет будущего. И каким бы оно не было ужасным, это история, твоя история, твоя жизнь и твои поступки. Они были свершены и ничего больше не изменишь. Так стоит ли бежать от самого себя? Стоит ли скрываться от прошлого, чем попросту принять его.
    One New Chapter: 13



    [Dark][Comedy][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: Relyet
    Description: Two ponies walked across the equestrian wasteland. A mysterious mare behind a mask and an oversized stallion. They aren't there to be heroes, they don't want to make new friends, and they aren't trying to make the wasteland a better place. But just how easy is it to remain neutral in the wasteland?

    (My first attempt at any form of pony fiction, and my first FoE sidestory, and the first bit of writing I've ever published. Here goes nothin'. Cover art 'borrowed' from Lightning5Strike over on deviantart until I can make my own.)
    One New Chapter: 5

    Better Days


    [Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: Gamma Deekay
    Description: It takes a lot of hard work to be a bounty hunter in the wastelands of Equestria, and no pony know's that quite as well as Percussion Cap. She may not be the best, or work the fastest, or even be the most social towards others, but she always gets the job done. Who needs friends anyway when you have the job to focus on? The job has always been the same for her, track 'em, kill 'em, snip 'em, and return 'em. But sometimes you have to take jobs that you don't feel comfortable with, ones that are just too good to turn down. Sometimes you just have to risk it all for the big payout. And sometimes, you don't end up winning at all.

    As a fun side note, this story is technically a sequel to FoE: The Long Winter. Sawyer and I are collaborating between our respective fics, so there may be some similarities between them. It is not required reading, but if you do want to know a bit more about Percussion's story, you might consider checking it out.
    Two New Chapters: 9, 10

    Author: Lucky Ticket, Alnair
    Description: Что скрывают снега далёкого Севера? Это предстоит узнать юной кобылке из Стойла 96 и её своенравной полосатой спутнице.
    С момента окончания Великой Войны прошло уже два столетия. Заброшенные города хранят остатки былой роскоши и довоенные тайны. Однако, если как следует покопаться и скинуть этот относительно недавний налёт, можно обнаружить ключ к разгадке тайн, куда как более древних…
    One New Chapter: 10

    Author: ZeroMunis
    Description: Two hundred years after Littlepip's death, her entire story has become nothing but mythology. As one group, the Church of Guardians, grew to preserve equality, and morality in the wastes, a stronger group of Raider Lords, Slavers, and other ponies profiting from the darkness grew to tear them down.

    Another war broke out, and it didn't end well for the Church.

    Fast forward another two hundred years, and the wastes have come back, only meaner then what Littlepip has endured. As a young buck wakes up from the brink of death, he finds he's lost himself. He can't remember who he was, what he did, anything. The only information he knows of himself comes in the form of small flashbacks as he dreams.

    Now, he must learn to survive in the wastes, and discover who he really is.
    One New Chapter: "Paying Debts"



    [Dark][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: Randepic
    Description: The day of "Sunshine and Rainbows" has long since passed. Through the efforts of the New Canterlot Republic, Equestria is on the verge of returning to its former glory. But all is not well in paradise. A new threat has emerged on the horizon, one which threatens to destroy everything the NCR has accomplished. To challenge it, teams of specialized vigilantes have been brought together to form the Equestrian Crusaders. Crusader Team Shadow, the most elite team of ponies in the Crusaders, brings it upon themselves to ensure that the NCR remains a safe haven for all. With an impressive combat record to show for it, Shadow Team may be the only hope for the NCR. But are they even a match for what lies ahead?
    One New Chapter: 3

    Oakwood Blues


    Author: Yoater
    Description: Oakwood City is mysterious island forever shrouded in mist to the outside world. Built by an unknown group of ponies and long thought by most to hold vast quantities of untouched old world technology, but some believe it is a portal to another dimension in which the war never happened. All those that venture to the jungle island are never heard from again and it was was for this reason the Goddess banished Shell Shock and her sister there many years ago....

    Thanks to Kkat for creating the Fallout Equestria universe.
    One New Chapter: 13



    [Dark][Comedy][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe][Human]
    Author: tony1685
    Description: A Fallout: New Vegas/Fallout Equestria crossover

    After a mishap with the Transportalponder, the Courier finds himself in a ruined city, one he doesn't recognise. With his only way home broken, he has to rely on help from the natives. Of course, they aren't willing to help without a few things in return. And these Wastelands are much more dangerous than the one he knows so well.

    No relation to my other Courier in Equestria fics with the exception of Thomas!
    Three New Chapters: "Preparation", "Heathen", "Bots and Bytes"

    Shattered Armour


    [Dark][Comedy][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: willm111
    Description: Broken Thorn only ever wanted to serve honorably, to work for the betterment of Equestria in the royal guard and serve Princess Celestia.
    That didn't work out so well when the Balefire bombs dropped right in the middle of his first mission.
    Two hundred years later he finds completing his mission to be the least of his worries. Stranded in the wastes with no friends, a pair of wings he doesn't remember getting and too many questions.
    Being an Alicorn is tough.
    But being the only Alicorn stallion?
    Needless to say hilarity and chaos follow.

    This fanfiction is based on Fallout Equestria by Kkat, whose magnificent work of fiction inspired me to seriously write for the first time in my life.
    One New Chapter: 4

    Strange Places


    Author: Sigh Delakirus
    Description: Diamond Knives is a halfbreed of unicorn and zebra, and a resident of the Prison,
    a correctional facility that was sealed long ago to protect itself from the ravages
    of the Great War.
    However, she and her closest friend, a zebra by the name of Zeed, flee in order to
    escape the most recent riot, when Knives is caught by a rival among the Guards,
    and nearly killed in the incident.
    Finding herself given a new life within the ruins of Canturbury, she will soon
    discover that she is not what she once believed herself to be, and be forced to
    find the freakish experiments performed within Canturbury Research, in order to
    stop a madman from destroying whats left of Equestria.
    One New Chapter: 34

    Author: TonydBrony
    Description: You know all those stories about heroes and stuff, where they go out and make the wasteland a better place after discovering something, and then go into self discovery and shit?
    Fuck that shit.
    This is the story of two scum bags as they loot, kill, cheat, and flirt their way through whatever the fuck they want.

    Meet Serena. She’s an addict and a whore.

    Meet Lucky Shot. He’s a gambler and a drunk.

    Together, they are going to have fun.

    This is an joint fic that has been suited with maiming writer’s block with a dapper friend of mine named Seven-Four. Go check him out. This story will follow the random adventures of the two; the first chapter showing how they met. Afterwards, chapters may be irrelevant to each other as they are different adventures.

    As a note, Seven-Four writes as Serena, and I write as Lucky Shot, respectively.
    One New Chapter: "Friendship and Revenge! Pt. 1"

    Author: Endor
    One New Chapter: 3

    Author: L9OBL
    Description: What started off as a small favour for a friend turned into a full out month long project Drawn by hand then coloured in on GIMP.
    Five New Chapters: 3.46, 3.47, 3.48, 3.49, 3.5

    Author: SmashCooper
    Description: Because in Stable Two, no pony ever enters and no pony ever leaves.
    Nineteen New Chapters: 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 60, 61, 62

    [Grimdark][Crossover][Adventure][Blackjack][P-21][Rampage][Lacunae][Post-apocalyptic][Long][OC ponies][adventure]
    Author: Russian Translation Team
    Story Mirror Sites:  notabenoid,  EveryPony
    Description: Давным-давно в волшебной стране Эквестрии... идеалы дружбы были отвергнуты в
    пользу алчности, недоверчивости и войны. В конце концов, и сам мир был разорён пожарами
    бесчисленных Мегазааклинаний; та цивилизация, что была раньше, перестала существовать.
    Однако Хуфингтону, удалось устоять. Даже в таком мире разрушенные,
    зловещие, облучённые башни Ядра продолжали стоять. Ранее центр военных исследований Эквестрии, ныне разрушенный дремлющий город. Он полон отравленных тайн и скрывает в себе опасные сокровища. Один единорог, обремененный чувством вины и неуверенная в себе, решает погрузиться в сеть интриг Хуффингтона. С разношерстной и непутёвой группой товарищей на её стороне, она должна разгадать более чем двухсотлетнюю загадку - если Пустошь первой не распутает её.
    Two New Chapters: 44, 45

    Author: KingofHills
    One New Chapter: 8

    Author: David-Irastra
    Description: Blackjack es una pony unicornio quien trabaja para seguridad en el establo 99. su vida era una constante rutina , asi lo era hasta que un dia tras una serie de sucesos ella se aventura al mundo exterior donde tendra que lidiar no solo con los horrores que los yermos equestrianos tienen sino con sus propios demonios.

    Se recomienda discrecion en su lectura tienen lengua fuerte y temas sexuales.
    Three New Chapters: 42, 43, 44

    [Sad][Dark][Crossover Adventure]
    Author: BronyKen
    Story Mirror Sites:  MediaFire
    Description: When raiders attack Stable 45 and kidnap his sister, Chief of Stable Security, Shadow sets out to track her down across the vast wastes of the Equestrian south west and, if possible, save her. Along the way he uncovers a threat most ponies had forgotten, or thought long since destroyed in the war. Can he and his friends stand against the gathering evil? Or is the wasteland doomed to fall forever, with no hope of ever rising again?
    Four New Chapters: 19.1, 19.2, 19.3, 19.4

    Author: EquestriaNarrator
    Story Mirror Sites:  
    Two New Chapters: 20, 21