• Nightly Roundup #850

    Oh hey, it's all my favorite ponies. Except for that silver one, never was a fan of her.

    Get some roundup stuff below.


    Twicane is now Graffiti

    From over here!

    Princess Problems


    The Night Twilight Sparkle Discovered Hearth's Warming

    That's better.

    Nightmare Night Tesla Coil

    Dutch Netflix Equestria Girls

    Our very own EQD app guy Leon found that one. Looks like you Dutch people can watch some Equestria Girls now.


    The Greatest Story Ever Written Dramatic Reading

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    Equestria Confidential Podcast

    Hearts. Minds. Eyes. All as strong as those of a horse. Well, that's what you need when you're discussion My Little Pony for the internet - only the best of the best horse products when it comes to Equestria Confidential. This week, as you may have gathered, we're discussing the latest episode of horse antics where Scootaloo took the stage once more and gave a brilliant performance in the process; in more than one context.

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    I Love Kim, Possible A lot KP: Q AND A Intro

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    Kalaopsic Brony Pondering Flight to the Finish

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    The MBS Show Episode 93

    On Episode 93 of The MBS Show we have an awesome guest. He is one of the first few bronies to start a My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Podcast, during his 3 year run he has interviewed a lot of talented and outstanding guests. We are proud to bring you Chef Sandy from Bronyville Podcast. Join us as we talk to him about his recent and successful convention “Nightmare Night Dallas”, listen in to how they had run the convention and how they have done it.

    Check it out over here!

    Bronies React: Daring Don't

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    And our podcast coverage of the episode talking about Daring Don't, Babscon, the CCG game and Dave Polsky. A strong language warning too:

    Round Table Episode 3: Daring Don't...PLEASE DON'T!!

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    Successful Meetups

    Bronies of South Florida - Dave and Buster's Meetup at Dolphin Mall

    On December 14th, the meetup group "Bronies of South Florida" held a meetup at the Dave and Buster's located inside Dolphin Mall in Miami, Florida. We walked around the mall, went to Hot Topic, ate lunch, played Dance Dance Revolution (with Pony wigs) and Air Hockey (without Pony wigs), and challenged each other in the My Little Pony Collectible Card Game. Overall, 20 bronies attended this meetup and had an amazing time!

    You can view the pictures here:

    Meetup.com and Facebook links:
    https://www.facebook.com/groups/352335541477559/ "

    Bronies-NYC Great Bacon Pilgrimage: An Epic

    Members of Bronies-NYC walked 6.5 miles in a 20 degree Fahrenheit snow storm that battered them relentlessly with wind and snow in search of Bacon. One of the greatest challenges on that day’s journey was Santacon and the hordes of false Santas that were out in droves. Though daunted, the group pressed on. They knew what prize was ahead, the promised land of Bacon. Through Streets and alleys the group traveled, even hacking though the wooded pine mazes on the city sidewalks where Christmas trees were sold.

    The trek began at a good pace and with high hopes to the journey's success. They started with cheerful conversation and sang to the sky songs of Pony that they knew by heart. That early time became one of the great moments that has now turned golden in memory. The bliss was not to last long…

    The snow did not let up, but only seemed to get stronger. The very direction of the snow had switched to horizontal which invaded faces and sent chills to the bone.

    The Santas were on their march on the streets, wandering into bars, and then pouring themselves out of them. Some of them were stumbling, others were ringing bells and one Santa they came across just laid there in the middle of the street. The pilgrims kept looking to the street signs. The numbers slowly climbed as they moved uptown, but yet all the blocks began to fade into a blur of snowy whiteness.

    When all seemed lost they had looked up from the sidewalk and saw the words on the glass and they spelled “Baconery!" Quickly taking shelter inside they were greeted with the vision of bacon on the walls, in the displays and on the floor. There was even a side gift shop of bacon themed goods!

    The pilgrims viewed the grand selection that covered the entire spectrum of bacon. Bacon filled meals were served quick and heartily, first bites were pure bliss of relief from our journey. We at and ate till there was nothing on our plates, and yet we did not account for the last trial. One strip of pure, golden bacon was given to each of our party as desert.

    The food had served them all well as it was the only thing that satisfies all cravings, the candy of meat, Bacon.

    See photos from the entire journey here!


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Bronies of the Texas Panhandle Presents A Brony Crambus (and Holiday) Partay!

    Tis the season to be jolly, and why not be jolly with your fellow brony! We will be hosting a big party to celebrate the holiday season! We welcme all to join us at the Holiday Inn Express on Hollywood in Amarillo, Texas this Sunday, December 22 at 5PM (4PM if you wanna help set up).

    We will watch the HORRENDOUS G3 and G3.5 holiday specials "Minty Saves Christmas" and "Twinklestar Adventure",followed by the new episodes of Friendship Is Magic!

    We ask everyone bring some sort of platter or snackage to share with everyone. If you wanna get creative, go right for it! If you just wanna bring soda, then do it. Just don't bring pizza. Rocky is gonna have that covered BIG TIME!

    This is a special setting, so we ask for a chip in towards the room. $5 per person would be great, but anything you can spare will help!

    Join us online @ Facebook.com/groups/TxPanBronies for more info on this and upcoming events!

    Steam Group

    Copy Paste:

    my name is LEEROY i am an admin in a stream group called "PonyPwnage Trouble in Terrorist Town" and we are looking to expanding our group we have as of now one TTT server and as times goes were hoping to expand to get more servers up here is a link to our steam group http://steamcommunity.com/groups/PonyPwnageTTT