• Jeremy Whitley Interviewed about Upcoming Friends Forever Comic with Discord and the CMC

    The writer behind the upcoming Discord/CMC Combo Comic int he new Friends Forever series was interviewed over at Unleash the Fanboy.  One of the more interesting little tidbits of information involves the king of chaous himself:

    "JW: Oh, this one was all my idea. Discord had been off limits to the comic series for a while. As watchers of the show will know, his status has been somewhat in flux and the comic doesn’t want to step on the show’s toes, so he was kind of in a holding pattern. When I took the idea to Bobby, he warned me that Hasbro may or may not go for it, but as the story is very mindful of the recent developments in Discord’s character, we took a shot at it. To our surprise, Hasbro not only accepted it but didn’t even have any changes to request.

    Discord is a big favorite of mine and while we’ve seen quite a bit of his interaction with the Mane 6, I wanted to pair him up with someone who is a force for chaos in their own way as well. And as I know first hand, children are little tiny gods of chaos."
     Head on over here to check out more of it!  Thanks to Masem for the heads up.