• Power Ponies Rating Includes FV (Fantasy Violence)

    Way back during the old days of pony, we had a label on the series called "E/I" that forced it into a specific style.  This was dropped when season 2 rolled around, though no one was really sure what all couldn't be done with that tagline on it. Many believed Lesson Zero never would have been allowed had they kept it.

    Fast forward to season four, and we are seeing the first episode this week with an "FV" (Fantasy violence) rating added (Rating under the video on that page).  This is pretty typical of action oriented saturday morning cartoons a lot of us grew up on.

    While not huge news, it's interesting to see the show evolve so much over time. As someone who grew up loving super hero cartoons,  I'm actually really excited for Power Ponies.  That does bring about the debate I've been seeing floating around a lot lately though - Do you prefer the season one simple slice of life style, or the "new" pony with it's changeling invasions, Celestia / Luna magic battles, and general ramp up in the older-kid themes?

    Hit those comments up with your thoughts! Thanks to Andrew for pointing out the rating. 

    Update: It looks like a lot of videos are being flagged with that.  This might just be a hubworld bug!