• Story: A Night On Deck

    [Normal] "A lovingly-written piece with strong atmosphere and an ending that gets more bittersweet the more you think on it. Perfect for a cold quiet night's read" - Pre-reader Voile

    Author: Bad_Seed_72
    Description: Noteworthy never planned on becoming a traveling musician. A gifted saxophonist accepted into one of the most prostegious musical academies, Noteworthy never would've dreamed of such foalishness.

    Time, of course, challenges all our expectations. Sometimes, dreams change, hearts break, and ties sever.

    And, in the end of it all, Noteworthy discovers what freedom truly means.

    One night aboard a cruise ship, the stallion with a saxophone recounts his journey to an unexpected fan.
    A Night On Deck

    Additional Tags: Freedom means nothing to lose