• Discussion: What Kind of Pony Merch do You Want to See More Of?

    Plushies, figures, cards, and even bicycles have been bombarding store shelves for last year or two.  Pony merchandise has to be doing something right.  With pretty much everything getting a coat of Friendship is Magic vectors and logos, it's not farfetched to ask for just about anything at this point.

    So, you have been hired once again by our hypothetical Hasbro merchandise department, and need to choose a new lineup of whatever you want to market to whoever you want. Choose something you would buy if you saw it on a shelf.  Have some bullets:

    • What you want to create (Frisbees, an open world Skyrim style PC game,  ect)
    • Who your demographic is (Little girls,  the older demographic, aliens, ect)
    • Where you plan to sell it (online, major retailers, comic shops, the moon, ect) 

    Hit those comments up with what you want to see!