• 46/66 Days of Pony - It's About Time

    In science fiction and fantasy, there are a few common ways that time travel can reasonably be expected to behave in a story. These range from time travel being impossible to giving the time traveler full control over the flow of time and history, able to change things as he or she wishes. Sometimes the fun, of course, is not letting the reader know which version of time control that you're using until it matters. As you might have guessed, Larson uses this technique to great amusement in this episode.

    Pairing the neurotic side of Twilight with the spectacle of meeting her future self warning about an impending disaster made this episode great fun, but it was also full of other goodies. Another mythical creature emerges- this time, it's Cerberus- another brief mention of Pinkie's Pinkie Sense- perhaps poking fun at itself? you decide- as well as some scary-looking actual math. If any of you know what those equations are from, let us know in the comments.

    Also, apparently unicorn horns can be turned into flashlights. Hey, guard pony, do you feel a little light-headed? Oh, man, not even sorry.

    Be sure to catch The First Person Who Says Doctor Gets Shot after the break.

    Candles during the day? Yeah, sure, why not.