• Convention Compilation - November 25th

    Time for more convention news! We have four of them in this one.  Have some headlines:

    Everfree Northest 2014 - Pre Registration, Website Launch, Guest, and art Contest!
    Derpycon Announcement - Date, Location, and Antipode Added
    BronyCAN 2014 location & dates announced!
    Sydneigh Convention Announcements
    Canterlot Con Music Video

    And get the full press releases below the break!

    Everfree Northwest 2014 Pre-Registration and Website Launch

    Everfree Northwest, Seattle, Washington’s premiere convention for fans of My Little Pony, is happy to announce that our new website has just gone live! Currently featuring a home page, news section/blog, location information, and registration. Expect to see more updates to our website in the near future.

    Coinciding with our website launch, badge registration for the upcoming 2014 convention — once again located at the wonderful Hilton Seattle Airport and Conference Center from July 4–6 — is now open! There are three tiers of badges: Attendee, Patron, and Sponsor. Foals 12 and under get in free.

    This year’s convention theme is “Villians. Rivals... Friends?” My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has a complex relationship with its many and varied villains, from Discord’s chaos and the designs of Chrysalis. However, we’ve seen the power of friendship not only defeat these enemies and rivals, but to also reform them to good. Who could have predicted Discord would be swayed by the kindness and friendship of Fluttershy, or that Trixie would become nice and apologetic? My Little Pony is filled with tales of redemption, so what of the other villains? Could some of the more severe villains like Chrysalis or King Sombra come to see the light? How about bullies such as Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon? There is much room in My Little Pony for forgiveness between both friend and rivals, a lesson we can take with us into the real world.

    Further, Everfree Northwest would like to announce both our first guest and our first pre-con contest.

    Marÿke Hendrikse, Voice of Gilda Attending EFNW 2014
    [Image: Attached image]
    Everfree Northwest is proud to announce that we’ve booked our very first guest for Everfree 2014! Introducing the all-awesome Marÿke Hendrikse, voice of Gilda the Griffon! Aside from lending her voice to everyone’s favorite high-flying hot-shot — and hot-headed — childhood friend of Rainbow Dash, Marÿke has also starred in a number of shows, ranging from anime to Western animation, including Lunamaria from “Gundam Seed Destiny,” Revy from “Black Lagoon,” and Susan from “Johnny Test.” We’re excited to have Marÿke join us for 2014, and we’re sure you are too!

    Be sure to keep up with everything Everfree NW by visiting our website (registration now available), liking us on Facebook, and following us on Twitter and tumblr.

    Everfree Northwest 2014 Art Contest

    Everfree Northwest is calling all visual artists to take part in our first Everfree Northwest themed art contest! The first in a series of upcoming contests put on by our convention, we’re looking to showcase the incredibly artistic ability of the My Little Pony community.

    The contest will be run on Everfree Northwest’s new deviantART group and moderated by the Everfree Northwest deviantART account.

    The theme for EFNW 2014, “Villains. Rivals… Friends?.” Show one (1) or more My Little Pony villains making friends and/or on the road to redemption.

    How to enter:
    Contest submissions may be sent via link or as an attachment to the Everfree Northwest contest email at [email protected] or by sending a personal message to the Everfree Northwest deviantART account with a link to the contest submission. Please include your name (actual and/or fannon) and the name of the contest entry in your submission.

    1st: Full page insert into the Everfree Northwest 2014 convention handbook with artist bio, 3 (three) MLP inspirational posters*, and one (1) Comicon 2011 MLP group poster.
    2nd: A half page insert into the Everfree Northwest 2014 convention handbook with artist bio, 1 (one) MLP inspirational poster*, and one (1) Comicon 2011 MLP group poster.
    3rd: A half page insert into the Everfree Northwest 2014 convention handbook with artist bio and one (1) Comicon 2011 MLP group poster.

    The winners will be featured on Everfree Northwest's social media. All entries will be included in the Everfree Northwest DeviantART Group.

    * Only Applejack, Celestia, Spike, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and Twilight Sparkle posters available. Only one Twilight Sparkle poster in stock.

    The Everfree Northwest art contest will accept entries from 12:00 am on November 25, until 11:59 pm PST on December 22. Contest winners will be announced the following week.

    Contest Rules:
    1) Any visual artistic medium may be used, from digital images and sculptures to woodcut and traditional mediums and anything in between. Video and animation will be ineligible for the contest.
    2) Submissions must follow the contest theme in some manner and be relevant to the convention’s My Little Pony theme. Any entries that do not meet this requirement will be ineligible.
    3) Submissions must be an original work by the artist and have not been released prior to the start of the contest. Entries, once finished, can immediately be published to any location and website the creator wishes.
    4) Contestants may submit a maximum of two (2) pieces for consideration. If more images are submitted, the submitted will be asked to select which images they wish to enter into the contest. If the submitter cannot be reached in time for judging, the two (2) most recent entries will be used.
    5) Winners will be selected based on appearance, design, use of theme, workmanship, creativity, and originality.
    6) Submissions must be sent to either the Everfree Northwest contest email at [email protected] or to Everfree Northwest DeviantArt account which can be found here.
    7) Submissions using elements that could reasonably be considered above a PG rating, such as adult activity, intense violence, drugs, sexual imagery, or material that violates the right of a third party, will be ineligible for the contest. If you wish to make sure your entry meets these standards, please contact us at [email protected].
    8) Everfree Northwest’s interpretation and application of all rules and its ruling on contest winners are final.
    9) Submitters retain all ownership of the their submissions. By submitting the artist agrees to allow Everfree Northwest to include their artwork on our website, social media, conbook, and/or for use in promotions.

    And that’s it! We all look forward with great excitement to see what wonders the My Little Pony community will create. We are already hard at work getting ready and it’s shaping up to be our best one yet!

    As previously stated there are more contests in the works, so be sure to keep an eye on Everfree Northwest’s social media —  website, Facebook, Twitter, and tumblr — to stay up to date when the next contest goes live.

    Derpycon Announcement - Date, Location, and Antipode Added


    Morristown, NJ (November 11, 2013) – DerpyCon is please to welcome the geek belly-dancing troupe, Antipode. Antipode is a comedic theatrical belly dance troupe from central Pennsylvania. Fusing the theatrics of acting with a mix of cosplay, pop-culture, geekery, and off- beat humor Antipode brings the audience not just dance, but full geek entertainment. Antipode has been performing together for audiences since 2005, and had done more than 50 shows. Some of their performances themes include; Mario, Legend of Zelda, The Hobbit, Doctor Who, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Harry Potter, Disgaea, Meme’s, Pokemon, and multiple Live- Action-Role-Playing games.

    DerpyCon 2014 will be held December 5-7, 2014 at the Hyatt Morristown at Headquarters Plaza in Morristown, NJ.


    Morristown, NJ (November 11, 2013) – After a year of preparing its 2014 convention, the organizers of DerpyCon is pleased to announce its dates and location for its first event.

    DerpyCon 2014 will be held December 5-7, 2014 at the Hyatt Morristown at
    Headquarters Plaza in Morristown, NJ. DerpyCon will be hosting a variety of panels, workshops, films, video games, table-top gaming, dances and more.

    ABOUT DERPYCON: Serving as a multi-genre science fiction convention in northern New Jersey, DerpyCon celebrates the culture of animation, fantasy, and gaming. DerpyCon is presented by Vidgle and Jenthony Enterprises, Inc. For more information and news about DerpyCon 2014, go to


    BronyCAN 2014 location & dates announced!

    BronyCAN 2014 is happy to announce that our convention for this year will be held at the  Executive Plaza Hotel in Richmond, BC once more. Additionally, BronyCAN will now be running for  three days, from August 22nd-24th.

    We are in need of volunteers to dedicate their time and effort into making our convention this  year into another big success, and would be very grateful for anyone who would able to lend a  helping hoof! Many departments are taking volunteers, so please let us know how you can help  out. Click here to submit an application. (http://goo.gl/PgubBT)

    In other news, we will soon be ready to open pre-registration for passes. If you are interested in  attending BronyCAN 2014 and would like to be notified regarding when pre-registration will be up, as well as receive exciting announcements on what we’ll be offering this year, be sure to sign up with your email address here, or follow us on Facebook or Twitter to get in on the latest news!

    Bookmark our website: www.BronyCAN.ca
    Drop us an email: [email protected]
    Follow us on Twitter: twitter.com/BronyCAN
    Like us on Facebook: facebook.com/BronyCAN
    Join our Facebook group: facebook.com/groups/BronyCAN
    Discuss on the MLP Forums: mlpforums.com/forum/111-bronycan
    Or follow us right here on Tumblr: Ask-BronyCAN.tumblr.com

    Sydneigh Convention Announcements

    Mascot Competition.

    Sharpen up your pencils, or warm up that graphics tablet, because the Sydneigh team would like to announce their first contest!

    As you will have seen, our “Sydneigh 2014″ banners and website have a logo. The distinctive silhouette of a pony in profile. This is your chance to turn our mascot into more than just a head and hairdo. By using our silhouette as the starting point, we want you to design an O.C. for our first Sydneigh convention.

    While the lack of a horn suggests our silhouette is not a unicorn, all the other details are up to your own imagination. Gender, coat and eye colours, and cutie-mark are all up to you to decide. Just be sure to get the mane styling correct, that shape is a cultural icon.

    Be sure to get your design in by 20th December 2013, and you could win!

    1x Sydneigh 2014 Weekend Badge (General Admission)
    1x Small Main-6 Plushy (Winner’s Choice)
    1x Equestrian Bit
    1x OC Commission by Breeze Tumble
    1x $20 AUD voucher to the Brony.com.au Store
    1x I (Heart) Sydneigh T-Shirt

    Rules and conditions of entry are at: http://sydneigh.com.au/2013/11/mascot-competition/

    Vendor and Artist tables.

    The Artist Tables are for displaying artwork and hand-made products only. No retail commercial products can be sold from Artist Tables. Artist tables include 1 weekend pass to the convention, 1 6ft table and 1 chair, Artist Signage & Inclusion in our Exhibitor Directory. Price $99

    The vendor tables are for selling retail commercial products, licensed merchandise and more! Vendor tables include 2 weekend passes to the convention, 1 6ft table and 2 chairs, Vendor Signage & Inclusion in our Exhibitor Directory. You can also purchase additional Weekend Badges for staff at $40 each.

    Link to Vendor and Artist table details: http://sydneigh.com.au/events/vendors-artists/

    We have three levels of VIP tickets available Full details can be found here: http://sydneigh.com.au/tickets/vip-packages/

    We also have a limited amount of "Early Bird" general admission tickets. Details here: http://sydneigh.com.au/tickets/general-admission/

    YouTube announcement of the Vendor and Artist tables can be found at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VHJ_GTxEON8






    Canterlot Con Music Video