• Nightly Roundup #832

    I heard a lot of demand for Twicane so, well, have some Twicane! Though I think it's getting a little over-saturated considering how crazy Twi is right now. Might want to cut back on it a little, eh?

    News time guys! Check it all after the break.

    Tonight's Stories

    Late Fees - A Dramatic Reading

    Story time first off tonight guys!

    Some Cute Season 4 Art

    Glad so many people loved the premiere. I can't wait for more!

    Check out the full story here!

    Tutorial - Recoloring Ponies Easily in CS5

    Want to learn how to color ponies easily? Check this tutorial out!

    Even the Roundups Can't Avoid...


    Finally, More Cake!

    Woo! More cake!

    Tonight's Successful Meetups

    Alberta Season 4 Meetup

    So I am writing a little late, but In Edmonton Alberta there was a large Season 4 meetup as well that missed the Nightly Roundup. We had devoted fans from hours away flock to Edmonton for the premier including attendees from Millet, Calgary, Beaumont and Spruce Grove! We rented out a hall and enjoyed Cakes, Friends and most importantly, THE PONIES! This Season 4 meetup was amazing and we want everyone to know, Alberta will not be forgotten when it comes to a PARTY!

    Philly Bronies Premiere Meetup

    What’s up EQD? The Philly Bronies are here once again to tell you about our awesome meet-up we had Saturday to watch the My Little Pony Season 4 premiere! We all met up at Drexel University’s Myers Hall at 11:30 am where we all socialized a bit while drinking cider and eating a variety of sweets that would make Pinkie Pie bounce around for hours. We then all sang some My Little Karaoke to our favorite pony song hits, then all sat down to watch the season premiere to much excitement from everyone. We then had a cosplay contest before having CryilTheWolf and DJ McGranaman take to the stage and perform some of their hit songs for us all to enjoy. We then all split up into groups to play Magic The Gathering, Warioware, and Brawl, then had an auction for a handmade Derpy plushie and a 3D printed, hand painted Vinyl Scratch and base cannon. We then watched the Doctor Who 50th anniversary premiere before parting our separate ways at 10pm. There were also many prize drawings throughout the day for 3D printed cutie marks, pony stickers, and posters. A very long, happy day of friendship and pony for all and much anticipation for the next meet-up and the rest of season 4.

    Bronies-NYC Season 4 Premiere

    Bronies-NYC welcomed in Season 4 with a party and group screening at Pearl Studios in Midtown New York City on Saturday night.

    We started with early demos of EnterPLAY’s My Little Pony CCG set to be released in December. We had a vendor section with tons of pony merch and art pieces. We then watched the premiere over and over! We finished our night by going to the Tick Tock diner to hang out till the wee hours. A great time was had by all.

    Check out the full event page and photos at http://www.meetup.com/Bronies-NYC/events/147360592/

    Stay tuned for our NYC Bronies react video due out soon!

    Minicon 2013

    On the 23 of November, almost one hundred French bronies gathered in a private theater at the heart of Paris, to enjoy the season premiere and a few other activities (such as playing Fighting is Magic on the big screen with Playstation controllers). It was a lot of fun.

    Here are a few pictures :

    (also, PFUDOR time ! http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=ovAcrWTcn6k )

    Seattle Brony Meetup

    It was an afternoon of food and fun and a screening of the season four premiere. It was all about ponies, but also about friendship - almost 70 bronies from all over Puget Sound converged on the AFK Tavern in Everett, WA on Sunday afternoon to celebrate the return of our favorite marshmallow equines!

    As always find us on MeetUp.com or Facebook!

    Stuttgart Meetup

    Here’s a nice little group photo of our season 4 premiere meetup in Germany.
    This took place in the very location of GalaCon 2013/14. It was totally awesome!

    Bronies Thurigen

    For the registered club "Bronies Thüringen" in Germany, the 23rd of November wasn´t just a day to celebrate the new season of My Little Pony, but a day for some important decisions and announcements.
    These were mostly club related things like events that we want to hold in 2014 and other stuff.
    But the most important decision was to actively support charity in our home region.
    After the work was done, we just sat down, ate, talked and finally watched the beginning of the new season.
    Afterwards, we were heading to a local restaurant, got some good food and drinks and let the day finally go by.....

    Glasgow Premiere Meetup

    Glasgow Meetup.

    Tonight's Groups Looking For More

    Web Developers Needed

    Herdmind.net is looking for help!

    We are looking for at least 1-2 extra backend developers and 1-2 extra frontend developers to help complete an un-released version of the site.

    Frontend developers must have a complete knowledge of CSS 3 and HTML5 and be familiar with Object Orientated Programming.

    Backend developers must have knowledge of PHP, mySql, and Object Orientated Programming.

    To inquire, send an email explaining why you would be a good pick to [email protected] include frontend or backend in the subject line, but not both.

    Xbox Ponies: Minecraft

    Hi Everypony! I am on a mission! A mission of epic proportions, and tail-tingling sensations. The mission: Help the Xbox Ponies. There is a server for Minecraft on the PC named Brohoof, which is a block-by-block representation of Equestria. My goal: Build it on the Xbox 360 Edition. But I can't do it alone! I need a team of crusaders to help me bring Equestria to the Xbox. You in, or out? Add me to help~!


    Q: What if it is too big for Xbox 360 Edition?
    A: I know for a fact it will be. We will just continue making new worlds were the previous left off.

    Q: Isn't there a PC to Xbox converter?
    A: Yes, but I cannot find anypony that understands how to operate it.

    Q: How do I help, anyways?
    A: Add me, and I shall send you the following (On Skype): Minecraft for the PC-A free Minecraft account-A copy of the world: Brohoof. From there you can just look from your computer to the Xbox and copy it block by block as I have been doing.

    Q: How much have you completed?
    A: Town hall, a bridge or two, sand trails, and the planting.

    Q: How do I contact you?
    A: [email protected]

    Q: How many ponies are working on this already?
    A: I am recruiting for a reason ;-;

    Gamertag: Dubstep X Vinyl

    Tonight's Podcasts and Blogs

    Discord: Season 4 Analysis

    Princess Twilight Sparkle Review Pt 2

    Tonight's Merchandise

    Today In Pony History

    November 26, 2011-2012

    2011 - Pony platforming game and the Mysterious Mare Do Well comes out.

    2012 - Magic Duel clip on USA Today.