• Twilight Scepter Added to Skyrim

    Wow, this fandom works fast.  As promised in that earlier post, EQD has officially hit it's cap for reporting on this meme now that it has traveled to the land of Skyrim.  On top of this, it looks like there are two completely different versions available.  If your character uses maces, you can snag the weapons found above at Skyrim Nexus.  Their stats are equivalent to an Ebony mace and crafted at the forge.  Weapon number two sticks to the staff type, with lightning bolt shots as the effect. Unfortunately we didn't get a link to grab that one, but I'm sure one of you commenters can track it down.  A video demonstrating them can be found below the break. 

    While you are at it, you might as well pick up one of the piles of other pony related mods.  Now go start some trouble in Whiterun!  Thanks to everyone for sending this.

    Update: Looks like the file was pulled!