• Which What Happened on Twitter? Applejack at Applebee's!

    Hello folks!

    A restaurant claims brony allegiance! Their YouTube video involves some amazing things and a harmonica. You'll just have to see it for yourself after the jump.

    Now that we're over here, let me quickly introduce myself:

    I'm Cocoa Delight, a new, slightly in-depth, writer and blogpony joining up here at EQD. Nice to meet you all! Chocolate goes a long way with me. I'm a lover of hot-chocolate, baking, many other sweet things, and it should be said that I'm a fan of most desserts. My largest hobby is writing and I hope there's enough to go around.

    Browsing everypony's favorite "microblogger," the short and sweet, "twitter," today revealed something groovy from Applebee's that I felt you all would enjoy. This time there's something special for our fandom. They've out-done themselves! A certain #SpiritedChef by the name of Christian Delpech has been doing some amazing tricks for Applebee's International's official YouTube channel. Their challenges all come from fans and followers tweeting @Applebees with the above hashtag. Somepony, a certain @tamcdonald, made a pony-related comment:

    Aww, she's so cute! Look at her wandering the wastes of cables and plastic!
    Spurred on by such inspiration, their next video had what I can only assume are his favorite pony and the model for a certain, semi-famous, walking stick!

    The trick he does in the reply to our brony friend looks simple, right? Let me tell you from just trying it five or six times, it's not. Hands might help, though. A few fans of the video have started following Applebee's International Inc.'s official Twitter, @Applebees, and their reactions are pretty great. Check out their page and enjoy the tweet-splosion! I'd recommend reading through some of the responses that have already come out of this.

    With some concerns about their support for the little "thumbs up" they've sent our community, especially only a few months after the negativity surrounding competing restaurant Chili's Twitter post of a pony mascot was pulled down after, quote, "more 'neighs' than yays," Applebee's fielded a response:

    Those are some pretty big words!

    Thanks for reading, marshmallows. It's a pleasure to have the chance to write for you all.

    Cocoa Delight

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