• Blizzcon 2013 : Unicorn Pony Mounts

    I'd love nothing more than to spend the next hour here blabbering about Blizzcon. This was definitely the first convention I've watched via Livestream at another convention.  I love technology.

    Anyway, Ronald sent these images over from the Heroes of the Storm demos.  While Blizzard is known for dropping pony stuff in previous games, they veered away from the Friendship is Magic style with horse shapes.  Not anymore! While you still have the option of charging across the battlefield on your noble rainbow steed, they have an alternate available with a striking resemblance to the ultimate equine form.  The first image above does a good job of showing that off.

    Whether this remains for launch, or if it was just a fun easter egg for Blizzcon remains to be seen.  I have a feeling I'm going to be dropping LoL and Dota 2 like a bad date if they remain though.  Blizzard knows my ultimate weakness.