• 56/66 Days of Pony - One Bad Apple

    Just 10 days left.  Can you handle the anticipation?  Lets hope they don't end up revealing entire episodes this year before they air!

    We had another CMC focused one this week, starring a Manehattenite pony with a voice that surprised a lot of us when she first spoke. That heavy New York Accent and deep sound was a bit offputting in Ponyland until you listened to her for a bit.

    Probably the biggest part of the episode was the song.  It got to a point where I was opening 3-4 emails in a row with music starting in the trademark YEAH YEAH YEAH, YEAH YEAH YEAH.  Electronic, Acoustic, Orchestral, Tribal, you name it, it was remixed into it.  My poor ears have never been so burnt out.

    In the end though, the CMC expanded their influence to Manehatten.  I wouldn't be surprised if we saw a bit of this pop up in the future.

    Get your episode below!