• iTunes Adds Character Based Episode Compilations

    Similar to Shout Factory and their five episode packs based on various themes, iTunes now has character compilations available for those that only like a specific pony or two.  The full list available is long, so get it down below the break.

    Thanks to LockeStockeandBaryl for compiling the list, and everyone else for sending the heads ups!

        Applebuck Season
        Over a Barrel
        The Last Roundup
        The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000
        Apple Family Reunion

        Stare Master
        Putting Your Hoof Down
        Hurricane Fluttershy
        Keep Calm and Flutter On

    Pinkie Pie:
        Feeling Pinkie Keen
        Party of One
        Baby Cakes
        A Friend in Deed
        Too Many Pinkie Pies
    Rainbow Dash:
        Griffon the Brush-off
        Sonic Rainboom
        May the Best Pet Win!
        Read It and Weep
        Wonderbolt Academy

        Look Before You Sleep
        Suited for Success
        A Dog and Pony Show
        Sisterhooves Social
        Sweet and Elite

    Twilight Sparkle:
        Boast Busters
        Lesson Zero
        It's About Time
        Magic Duel
        Magical Mystery Cure

    Friendship Pack:
        Friendship Is Magic, Pt. 1
        Friendship Is Magic, Pt. 2
        Griffon the Brush-off
        The Cutie Mark Chronicles
        The Best Night Ever