• Xbox Live Trixie Pack Now Available

    Going along with the trend of weekly releases over on Xbox live, a new pack dedicated to the Greatest and Most Powerful pony in all of Equestria has been released this time around. 

    So, why would you want a Trixie gamer picture thing? I'll tell you why.  Trixie inspires confidence! This is a trait that the majority of those xXxxSupersaiyanXx((MLG-PRO))XxX people have an abundance of, which usually converts directly into skill.  And what does skill turn into? A badass k/d ratio.  In the world of xbox live, this is everything.  Inspire amazement in your swarm of pre-teen followers on Youtube as you go 29/2 in every single game with killstreaks that would make a serial killer jealous.  

    All of this and more with Trixie.  Get it over here for a buck. Thanks to Nadermane for the heads up.