• 28/66 Days of Pony - The Return of Harmony, Part II

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    There's not a lot I can say about Return of Harmony Part II that Couch didn't already say about Part I. Those who lived through the week following the airing of the first part can tell you it was downright painful- here we had a very real threat to Equestria roaming free, the Elements of Harmony all had their saturation dial turned all the way down to like twenty, and Celestia... come to think of it, where was sun-butt anyway? She was laughing hysterically in the back room watching all this, let's be honest.

    More notably, this episode marked the beginning of John de Lancie's involvement with the fandom, something that I bet no one would have even dreamed about before we heard the first preview of Discord's voice as a teaser for the two-parter. Like or dislike what he helped create as part of that involvement, I still think it's pretty damn awesome we can count him as part of the phenomenon. Regardless, this wasn't the last we would see of Discord, either.

    Catch the final part of Celestia Takes a Vacation below the break.