• Random Merch: Pajamas, Hats, Ornaments, and More!

    Pajama pants! It's about that time of year isn't it?  These are new ones available over at Hot Topic.  Get them here!

    And head on down below for more random merch!

    Random Pinkie Pie figure from a Journal in Russia

    Apparently this thing comes bundled with a journal found in Russia. We sure see a lot of random figures lately. I think this is the chubbiest Pinkie Pie we've seen yet. Kinda cute! Thanks to Pony Love for the heads up.

    More Ornaments

    Very similiar to ones we have already posted, but different boxes.  Found at a Meijer in Michigan by Mike.

    More Hats

    Found at a Toys R' Us by Jamie

    Super Set Activity Kit

    Found at a Target in New York by Samantha.  A full set of coloring and activity books. 

    IDW Art Gallery and Portfolio

    Two random IDW merchandise items for you comic collectors.  Get the Portfolio here, and the art book here.  Expect them to release in November.