• Nightmare Nights Charity - Drop some Spaghetti

    Brony/Geek Culture conventions are known for their endless supply of spaghetti and pasta sauces, so what better place to collect it for a good cause?  What started as a joke has now become a completely legit event backed by the organizers of Nightmare Nights happening on the 8th-11th of November.  Do you know how cheap spaghetti and other pasta products are? I think last time I was at a grocery store, it was 10 bucks for 10 boxes, and that wasn't even the low quality stuff.

    So hit the store up on your way over! Boxes will be available at the convention center itself to deposit your foodstuffs.   If you aren't going, or live nowhere near Texas, you can still contribute via their virtual food drive over here

    Head on down below the break for the full press release!

    Nightmare Nights Dallas is pleased to announce a second charity event, benefiting the North Texas Food Bank! Utilizing the food banks online virtual food drive system, people all over the world can donate cash toward meals for hungry families all across north Texas.

    You can check out the virtual food drive here: http://vad.aidmatrix.org/vadxml.cfm?driveid=10103 

    It allows people to direct what is purchased with their funds. Each item selected is for a full case of said item, so a little money goes a long way toward alleviating hunger!

    Alternatively, if you’re interested in donating directly, you may do so here: https://vad.aidmatrix.org/Checkout/Checkout.aspx?DriveID=10103&Total=0&TypeID=0

    The online food drive lasts until November 10th, and 100% of the money donated goes directly to the North Texas Food Bank.

    Nightmare Nights will also have donation boxes for the food bank on site for people to donate what they’d like. Spaghetti and canned sauce is fine, but all nonperishable food donations are happily accepted. This is in addition to the primary charity St. Jude Children’s Medical Research Center, which will be the beneficiary of net funds after expenses.

    Nightmare Nights is just over a week away at this point, but you can still purchase tickets online here if you’ve been on the fence: nightmarenightsdallas.eventzilla.net