• Random Merch: Brushable Lip Gloss, Soaps, Stockings, and More!

    This has got to be the first time I have ever seen brushable lipgloss. Either this is genius, or someone accidentally mixed the production lines over at the factory and they decided to sell it anyway. 

    It's time for more random merch! Get it all below the break!

    Soap and Bubble Bath

     Found at Walmart by Cogs.

    Pony Stockings

    Found at Toys R' Us by Tertius and Lee-Anne.

    5 Piece Ornament Set

    Also found at Toys R' Us.

    My Little Pony Sparkle And Shine Puzzle

    Found at at Walmart in Texas by WeAreBorg.

    7 Inch Tablet Case

    Another one from Toys R' Us, found by Amanda for 25 bucks.

    Pony Tales Volume 1 

    This one includes the first 6 issues of the micro comic.  Find it on Amazon! Thanks to Elysium for the heads up.

    Mini Figure Collection Guide

    Includes a Tealove Exclusive figure.  Thanks to Oktoberfest or the heads up!

    Series 2 Card Fun Packs 

    Following the same trend of the series one cards, each found at Walmart for 4 bucks.  Thanks to Felicia and LeMav for the heads up!