• Story Updates - October 3rd

    Story Updates! Lyra is top pone!

    Story: Through Storm and Snow (Update Chapter 4!)


    Author: Phoenix Quill
    Description: Ditzellia Esmerelda Doo is an average mare with a long name, and typical job.
    She also has a not so average eye condition, that brings pain in the form of a name given by other ponies. But
    when unusual things start to happen, a stranger makes an offer that can turn the tables for our favorite mail mare.
    Events take place before, during and after "The Return of Harmony" Episodes.
    Through Storm and Snow (New Part 4!)

    Story: Hooves Holding Hearts (Upate part 3!)

    [Comedy][Shipping] "This is the kind of story that's got a lot of heart; it's hard not to care about these ponies as they struggle to do right and achieve their goals. However, the tone is kept light, resulting in a fun story that'll still make most say 'Aww' a time or two by the end of just the first chapter." -Pre-reader who likes sky pirates

    Author: Paleo Prints
    Description: Lyra and Bon Bon: foster parents? It'll happen, if they can only get
    past their sardonic caseworker, nerve-wracking inspections, and each
    others' neuroses. That's assuming things work out with any one of the
    children that passes through their home. After all of that, there's just
    the matter of the adoption and the birth relatives. Hugs, heartbreak, and
    humor will follow in droves.

    Also, Lyra tries to cook soup.
    Hooves Holding Hearts (New Part 3!) 

    Story: Pony Age: Origins (Update Part 42!)

    [Crossover][Adventure][Grimdark] I think this time slot is dedicated to throwing random crossovers out and seeing how you guys react.  Naruto didn't work so well yesterday, but the pre-readers actually liked this one! (I honestly gambled with the Naruto one since no one would review it, sorry :p)

    Author: OmegaPony11
    Description: The Ponyspawn have invaded Equestria, and it is up to the newest addition to the Grey Wardens, Twilight Sparkle, to find them means to drive them back! With her friends and allies at her side, can Twilight defeat the evil tide before all of Equestria is devoured?
    Pony Age: Origins