• Nightly Roundup #802

    Luna Luna Luna.  Shes angry that we didn't celebrate last night with a roundup, so have one tonight instead. 

    Onward to newsy stuff.  Go get it.  

    Wolfram Alpha Ponies

    Math and ponies.  My least favorite meets my favorite.

    Fanfiction Fanart Contest

    The contest objective it to either draw art for your favorite fanfiction, or draw a mock cover for them! First place prizes includes 300 Deviantart points, a month premium membership to Deviantart or cover art for your own fanfition! Entries aren’t just for the brony fandom either! It can be for any fandom, as long as it isn’t very adult.
    The deadline is 11/20/2013!
    Here's a link to the contest for more information!

    Canterlot Radio Cosplay Contest Ends Friday

    Copy Paste:

    Nightmare Night Cosplay Contest ends THIS FRIDAY, October 25th and that entries need to be received by 12 Midnight on Friday.

    Find it here!


    Psueodoscientific Analysis

    Find it here!

    Comic Readings

    Friends with Discounts
    Derpy Optometrist


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    World of Tanks Guild

    Copy Paste:
    To all Bronies who are players of World of Tanks who are interested in earning their Cutie Marks in Clan Wars, we have news for you. The [CMCAW] Cutie Mark Crusaders Armored Warriors is recruiting anyone and everyone willing to participate in Clan Wars for the Second Campaign. We've already hit Land before, but we intend to make a much bigger splash than last time. But in order for this effectively, we need more active players fighting along us.

    Any further information regarding the Second Campaign can be found through the first link, whereas the second link leads to our main Clan Page where our Mumble Information is located as well as where you can apply. 

    Melb/Vic Meetup

    That's right, Ladies and Gentlemen, or Mares and Gentlecolts...it's finally back...On the 26th of October, in Front of the Federation Square, Melbourne, VIC at the time known as 10;30...Nightmare Moon will reawaken ONCE AGAIN! MUAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA*Lightning flashes behind*

    ...o-oh, *ahem*, uh, that's right, it's another NIGHTMARE NIGHT! :D Another chance to dress up as your favourite cosplay, pony or non, and feast on candies and offer them to the goddess of the night herself, Nightmare Moon!

    There will be games, lunch breaks, fun chatting times, and of course, who could forget the ultimate grand event: THE COSTUME COMPETITION!!!! :D

    Oh, and I guess some prizes too...

    Hope to see you all there!

    And hopefully,, on this night...

    ...The night will FEEL like it lasts...




    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Life Sized Celestia Plushe 
    Filly Luna Plushie
    Blackjack Plushie
    Parasprite Ornaments
    Pony Paintings