• 37/66 Days of Pony - Family Appreciation Day

    Our first episode of the year was an apple family focused one, with Granny Smith getting a boatload of air time. 

    This was probably one of the best in terms of world building.  We got a good look at the earth pony inspired history via the flashback with a young Granny Smith setting the stages for the future city of Ponyville.  If Winter Wrap Up and Twilight's quote of ponies doing the weather manually in Ponyville for "hundreds of years" was any indication, Mrs. Smith is literally ancient.

    Aside from the city itself, we were also introduced to Timber Wolves for the first time, who would later be treated to a bit of CGI in future seasons.

    Anyway, go get some Family Appreciation Day below the break!

    (Update: Apparently I did the wrong episode! Expect Hearths Warming Eve tomorrow instead)