• Music of the Day #192

    Applejack month eh? I guess I can roll with that. She looks pretty cool with a pointy hat. It seems like all the ponies look good like this. I wonder why?

    Have some music of the day! There are only seven this time around.

    [1] Source
    Super Pony World | Musicians of Ponyville

    [2] Source
    By the Tree - Flutterlover
    Instrumental - Folk

    [3] Source
    Alioro - Just Like You
    Instrumental - DNB

    [4] Source
    A Theme for Derpy

    [5] Source
    YourEnigma - Panic! at the Discord (Ft. Sprocket)

    [6] Source
    Night from "Nightmare Night - Halloween Music"

    [7] Source
    Grizzly - The Finished Spell
    Instrumental - Psytrance