• Album Compilation - October 4th

    Album time! We had a bunch charge the inbox in the last few days.  Get some titles:

    Won't Back Down - Various Artists
    Lullaby - TheDashDub
    Remixed - Nicolas Dominique
    Forward - Radiarc
    savethefandom.y2ky - Koroshi-Ya

    And full information on each below the break! 

    Won't Back Down
    Artist: Various
    Genre: Various

    Description: Rejected & Revived is a project started by brony DJ, Spikey Wikey, in an attempt to gain the best of these rejects and late entries the attention they deserve. Won't Back Down is it's launching album, featuring almost 40 songs made for the Rainbow & Rooted albums that never saw the glory of being featured on one of the biggest My Little Pony fan projects to date.

    Artist: TheDashDub
    Genre: Orchestral

    Description: None

    Artist: Nicolas Dominique
    Genre: Electronic/Chillout/Trance

    Description: Massive album containing remixes I made since I join the fandom. You can find there electronic, chillout, trance, drumstep, progressive... Well, many styles.

    The bright gem on this crown is my remix of never finished track "Dying Dreams" made by SoaringFlight.

    Artist: Radiarc
    Genre: Classical

    Description: he leaves stir gently with the passing of the autumn breeze; the relentless heat has died down and all is calm.
    The sky shines brightly -- dusk approaches, but not too quickly; you enjoy this time of relaxation after the last trip.
    Death nearly claimed you, but you returned, injured, but intact.
    Despite all that holds us back, we must press on, not only for ourselves, but for the sake of the journey, the many adventures which lie before us in years to come.


    Artist: Koroshi-Ya
    Genre: Rap

    Description: Here we have a brand new EP from Koroshi-Ya, his final offering to the fandom, an offering of raw hip hop and energy that aims to please the bronies that got him to where he is today.