• Extra Detail on New Friends Forever Series

    Bobby Curnow of the IDW forums has revealed a few more neat little tidbits of information in regards to the Friends Forever series that is replacing the micro comic. It's sounding like small groups of characters will be the focus here, with favorites like Zecora, Trixie, and Discord hopping in to provide supporting roles.

    Have the exact quote:

    Friends Forever will be the same format as the Micro-series. Rotating creative team, done-in-one stories. You'll see some new Pony creators, like Alex and Carla, but also many returning people/creative teams.

    Stories have been greenlit featuring all of the Mane 6, Luna, Celestia, Spike, and the Crusaders. And MORE! Expect to see important secondary characters like Zecora, Trixie, Discord and more! (because i'll get the question: no stories planned for what would be considered 'background ponies'. I remain skeptical of them holding an entire story, but hey— doesn't mean we CAN"T do it, if the right story comes)

    Some stories will feature two of the mane 6, like #1, others will see one mane 6 with one supporting character, and others still will be JUST supporting characters. So there's pretty much endless potential. I'm excited, it will be a lot fun with lots of storytelling potential.

    Expect the madness to begin next year! 

    Thanks to Millstone for the heads up.