• 31/66 Days of Pony - Sisterhooves Social

    We just came down from an epic start to season two, with Discord, Lesson Zero, and glorious CANTERLOCK Luna.  The fan art from Luna Eclipse was causing Drawfriend posts to overload, with costumed ponies and moonbutt being pumped out at unprecedented rates.  Things were good!

    Off in the distance via a week early episode synopsis was something people were a bit wary on.  Would the CMC in season 2 finally escape the black hole of cutiemarkscutiemarkscutiemarks that drove many of us bonkers?  We were about to find out!

    When Sisterhooves Social finally dropped on November 5th, a lot of people were pleasantly surprised.  The banter between Rarity and Sweetie Belle was excellent, with both ponies gaining a whole boatload of new canon to play with.  If future crusader episodes were going to follow this trend, things were looking up for the trio. 

    On top of that, wet manes were suddenly a thing, and Friendship is Witchcraft skyrocketed in popularity with Sweetie Bot at the forefront. I'm still leaning toward that one for best parody yet. 

    Anyway, get some Sisterhooves Social below the break!