• (Semi - Spoilers) Season 4, Twilacorn, Official Comics, and More from Bobby Curnow

    Bobby Curnow has returned after a few days break and answered a boatload of questions over at the IDW comic forum.  More information on season 4 scripts, official comic continuation, and of course, the ongoing Twilacorn drama has been touched on.

    Thanks to Robert for compiling it all for us! Head on down below the break to check out some major points, spoilers included. 

    Major take-aways:
    • The comic appearance of Princess Twilight matching up with start of season 4 is completely coincidental. They just decided that the start of the second year of the comics would be a good place to start. They didn't know when season 4 would start when they decided this.
    • The creative team had no issue with the switch over to Princess Twilight, since there was no call for substantial changes to their planned stories.
    • Bobby reads the episode scripts, then waits until the episodes come on Netflix before watching them.
    • After the end of the micro-series with the Luna issue, the series replacing it will be ongoing. Bobby says that if you enjoyed the micro-series, you'd enjoy the new series.
    • Discord will have a major role in at least one upcoming issue.
    • Bobby can't speak for the quality of the season 4 stories, because he didn't read the stories for fun. In any case, with the season 3 scripts he read, he didn't really enjoy them until he saw the final episodes. That said, there's a lot of fun stuff to come.
    • The upcoming superhero episode is close to something the comic is going to do, but they were able to keep the comic story as is.
    • There are currently no stories planned to focus on Twilight as a princess. The princess thing is talked about in a few scenes and is used to inform Twilight's actions, but otherwise gets no major focus.
    • Hasbro has not dictated what stories to tell, and neither has Bobby for that matter. It's all up to the creative team of the comics.