• 12/66 Days of Pony - Call of the Cutie

    We are almost to the point where EQD started up! It looks like the break between January 7th and the 28th was the big boredom point.  I'll get into that in the next one though.

    Call of the Cutie was a... weird one. Up until this point, the entire series was focused on six ponies we definitely weren't sick of. Apple Bloom took center stage for once, and reactions were... mixed. I think this was the first time people really jumped on Hasbro for it, especially after Lauren Faust mentioned that they wanted some kids in the show to go along with the mane cast.  There wasn't a whole lot of love for the idea of the Cutie Mark Crusaders back then.

    Aside from that though, the episode did a good job of explaining how the whole pony destiny system works.  Some of these ponies really got shafted! What if you end up changing your mind later in life and have a super specific mark? Doomed!

    What was your initial reaction to the CMC? Do you prefer mane 6 episodes still 3 years later?

    Hit up some Call of the Cutie below the break!