• Random Merch: Slippers, Puzzles, and More!

    Lets start off with some slippers.  I've always preferred wearing sandals around the house, but I'm sure plenty of you love slippers.  These were found at Hot Topic in Staten Island by May and Chris. 

    Continue on below for more random merch!

    Random Puzzle! 

    Found at Walgreens in Staten Island by May.

    Random Shirt!

    Found at Old Navy by Julia!

    Random Rainbow Dash Backpack

    Found in Mexico by Kurtys.

    Sparkle and Shine Puzzle

    Found at Walmart in Chicago by Victor.

    Fluttershy Ornament

    Another random ornament to join the swarms of others.  This one was discovered at Kohls by Loretta. 

    Puzzle Tin

    3 Puzzles in one random merch! This one was found at a Walgreens by Valeria.

    Random Dress

    Found by Julia at Walmart.  We can't reply to her email for some reason, but she does tend to send quite a bit of stuff. 

    Principal Luna Dolls Now in Stores

    Found by Maggie.  Get them at Toys R' Us.