• 7/66 Days of Pony - Dragonshy

    Back in the day before the era of Gamer/CANTERLOCK Luna, Fluttershy was pretty much the dominant force when it came to favorite pony polls.  Only Twilight Sparkle could get in her way on rare occasions.   With the recent Hub poll, it looks like she still is ahead of the mane 6, at least in a voting system that lets you vote daily.   People were pretty excited to finally see an episode focusing on her.

    Adventure episode fans were in for a treat.  The entire thing plays out like a Dungeons and Dragons campaign, climbing a mountain filled with traps and challenges to face the final boss: a giant dragon.

    Outside of Fluttershy being a total badass, this episode actually helped another pony slowly claw her way out of the clutches of boring.  Rarity ended up on quite a few best pony lists after this one  thanks to her bottomless saddlebag of scarves, and sudden greed for diamonds. The humor here was done really well.

    Anyway, get some Dragonshy below the break, and comment away with how amazed you are with those initial reactions.