• Newbie Artist Training Grounds III - Day 24

    My profession!? Well, now that you mention it, I always wanted to be a baker. But that is out of order. Objection! Overruled! By what? By another 222 ponies and their lawyers. Also, you look really crazy talking to yourself in front of the internet. Ah, welcome back everyone! I return to the saddle of this legendary steed to ride us to the gates of Valhalla! I am so far beyond confusing my imagery that I don’t even know where I am right now. But what does that matter, when our extra 24 late entries from last night give us a grand total of 8466 images? Didn’t think so.

    Ok, let’s get our serious faces on. We’re here with just a week’s worth of prompts to go, only a few more galleries left to create and peruse. The goal is in sight, guys! Don’t look away! The time will come for us to look back over things, but it is not this night. The time will come when we put away our supplies, but it is not this night! Keep moving forward, everyone. You’ve come this far with me. You can go just a little further.

    This message serves as notice that one reader (hereafter referred to as ‘you’) has been handed one [gallery of ponies]. It further serves notice that the ponies contained therein are awesome mares and stallions of justice, tipping the scales in favor of artists throughout the land. You have until whenever, really, to look over it and note the improvements many artists are starting to demonstrate, and hopefully leave them comments to that effect, or else face the mighty wrath of a tickle feather. Or not. But it would be a nice thing to do, you know?

    All right, enough silliness for a little while (who said that?). It’s time to move on to our next theme. You’ve probably noticed by now, but the final stretch is about having fun as much as it is anything else, but it’s also about taking another step forward on the road to where we want to be. So tonight, Draw a pony facing their destiny/Draw a pony on ‘the date’. Submit all entries here by 11:59 PM, Pacific time on Sunday, September 8th.

    ...Yes, a baker.