• Newbie Artist Training Grounds III - Day 18

    It's difficult in the best of times to think of being sad. We retreat away from negative emotions like they were some kind of demon (or failing that an awful, awful spider or similarly terrible thing), because we long to be happy. But happiness is a peak best measured by our lows, and I for one find tears beautiful. This was a hard prompt for many of you, but you still came through with 282 ponies in various stages of emotion (or just plain falling to pieces), and I thank you for it. You've brought us up to a total of 6953 images. Let's make five digits our official goal! You can do it!

    I realize it's also somewhat difficult to be bouncing around and excited when there's a weeping Rarity wearing a funeral veil just above me, and I kind of sort of apologize for that but not really because gosh darn that's pretty. Wow look at me, pretend swearing like a rebel on EqD. No one can stop me! Nyahaha! Never you mind that, buck up your courage and let's forge onward. There's only two more days until our second makeup gallery, so get ready!

    A great deal of drawings and comments for tonight's gallery (and some e-mails) ask the question, 'why would you ever want to draw a sad pony?' This was also a major complaint when I ran a similar theme back in year 1. And I've covered some of it above, but first of all let me point you down to our gallery tonight and show you what it produced. Themes aren't typically just cobbled together; there's some point or purpose to all of them, and here I really wanted to get gears turning about composition with emotional weight, and facial expressions and all the different ways we look and feel and interact. You did splendiforously, which is a real word in scrabble I swear no please don't go get the dictionary.

    But now we're up and on and out and moving on! It's time to set our eyes forward to another theme, another day, and another step closer toward our final goal! Eyes on the prize, people! Let's expand our thinking a bit and turn our attention toward richer pastures of imagination. Tonight, Draw a pony dreaming/Draw a pony with a plan. Submit all entries here by 11:59 PM, Pacific time on Monday, September 2. I have a plan, do you? Of course you do! Now execute it!