• Story: Air (Update Complete!)

    [Dark] [Adventure] [Crossover]

    Author: Chromosome
    Description: Pound Cake never cared for Canterlot. Why should he? This city has poisoned his existence, destroyed who he his, mutilated his body and soul and left him only shell of who he could've been. And so he leaves it behind by rising above it, taking up the dangerous job of runner and transporting documents from rooftop to rooftop, away from the prying eyes of the provisional government. But when his sister is framed for a crime that would make her the most wanted criminal in all of Canterlot, he must prove his sister's innocence while protecting the ones he loves and the lifestyle he has grown accustomed to.
    Air (New Part 4!)

    Additional Tags: Pseudo Mirror's Edge Crossover, Martial Law, Close-Quarters Combat

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