• 2/66 Days of Pony - Friendship is Magic Part 2

    Friendship is Magic part 2 may not have had a very inventive name, but it was definitely the major seller of the series for a lot of people. The amount of pony avatars on message boards and steam profiles after it aired was staggering.   It even introduced the first song, Giggle At the Ghosties, which ended up silently playing on computer speakers and mp3 players everywhere for weeks.  

    This episode was actually what got me going on the series.  When someone first sent me the link to part one all those years ago, I only watched it to roughly the halfway point before shutting for the sake of my masculinity.  Colorful girly ponies with characters like Rarity obsessed with making everyone look pretty? Right after that my little pony jingle? I couldn't do it.

    Then this happened: 

    And while I was still a bit shaken up from that earlier completely ridiculous scene of Applejack dropping Twilight for no good reason at all,  it was quickly followed up with this:

    Game over.  I was sold.  Pony Pony Pony Pony Pony.

    Anyway, get episode 2 below the break! And for those that have no clue at all what this is, find the description here!