• Nightly Roundup #771

    Twilight Sparkle is almost terrifying when she's studying. Look at all those books. How does one mare control so much knowledge? How does a pony of her size not lose her mind?

    Anyway go get some roundup stuff below!

    Twilight Writes a Fanfic 8

    Abridged, British ponies, you how how it works. Fill version here.

    Ask Princess Celestia Promo

    I wonder what category this would fall under? Ask video? haven't a clue!

    Pewter Pony Kickstarter

    More miniatures! Check it out here.

    Wonderbolt Skydive Charity

    Copy Paste below!

    This Saturday (21st September), Boring Ugly Pink Earth Pony from UK of Equestria will be jumping out of an aircraft at 12,000ft to raise money for Great Ormond Street Hospital. What's more, he will be making the jump dressed as a Wonderbolt!
    If any readers have any spare bits/pounds/dollers/etc burning a hole in their pocket, please donate :)

    Just Giving page: (Unfortunately the page isn't ponied up due to also being work related.)
    UKoE thread:

    And in case you want to know where your money's going:
    Great Ormond Street Hospital

    The Orion college Paper with Pony

    Find it over here on page 9 and 13!

    Germans React to Epic Rage Time: The Incredible Derp

    Be sure to click subtitles. Find it here!


    FOB Equestria Bronycon Footage

    Check it out over here!


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Massachusetts Meetup

    Do you live in Massachusetts? Do you like Ponies and Science!? Well on September 28, come join some fellow bronies/science-lovers for a tour of some of Worcester Massachusetts' many makerspaces! We'll gather at noon at That's Entertainment, a comic book store in Worcester, then walk over to The Collablab at WPI, and then over to Technicopia, A brand-new makerspace - and all within walking-distance of each other, in a tranquil, particularly park-filled part of Worcester! It's a great opportunity to spend some time outside, meet other local bronies, and poke all manner of nearly self-replicating machinery!

    RSVP at the Boston Bronies Meetup Group and come join us!

    LA County Meetup

    "New Member Potluck II (LA County)

    Bringing all the local Los Angeles based Bronies together, we will be hosting the second New Member Potluck in LA county! Last one was a huge success so lets do it AGAIN!

    Will be on Saturday September 21 @ 12pm over at:

    Washington Park
    700 E. Washington blvd. Pasadena California 91104

    It's a potluck so bring whatever food you like, come chill with us Bronies, meet new people, goof off and have a wonderful time together with the local LA SoCal Bronies!

    Meetup Event Page


    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Loads of Pony Stuff