• Toy Review - Convention Exclusive Derpy Figure

    As many of you who follow EQD know, I'm a huge sucker for molded ponies.  If brushable manes are anywhere in sight, I tend to get it mixed with the swarms of others.  We Love Fine has started up this new line of promo-only figures, beginning with Derpy Hooves (Or "Best Pony" for them) at Comic Con. 

    Since this is a single toy, it won't be anywhere near as extensive as my last reviews.  Head on down below the break for it!

    First off, lets discuss that pose!  I love the Funko figures, but Derpy here is doing something totally new.  It reminds me of one of those 100 dollar anime figures my fellow nerd friends buy at conventions, but with a pony. Give her a beamsword and futuristic looking armor (or a maid outfit in some cases, you pervs) and she'd fit right in. 

    It still amazes me how far we have come from the original mass produced brushables this all started with.  Derpy is technically the first major collectable action oriented figure.  You guys really have completely shattered the gender/age boundaries we used to contend with.

    There is a bit of a factory blemish on the muffin, but the details on it all but hide any sign of it. The figure overall is very well designed, with the wings positioned where you'd expect them, with quite a few pointy parts in the mane and tail. 

    The butt symbol is sufficiently bubbly. 

    Overall, I'd say this is probably the best full on collectable figure we have seen yet, and I definitely look forward to more.   From the looks of it, Derpy in particular is going to be a bit difficult to get unless they find some way of selling her outside the convention scene.   If Vinyl is any indication, these can be a bit pricey with the requirement of buying two other items with them, but if you come from the anime world you probably expect that by now.  Derpy especially has moved on from the realm of being just a toy. 

    There still isn't a list of future events she will be available at, but I'll be sure to post them once the information is available! Look for that in the future hopefully. 

    Update: As Drkspde in the comments pointed out, this will be available at:  BronyCon in Baltimore, MD; GenCon in Indianapolis, IN; AM² in Anaheim, CA; PAX Prime in Seattle, WA; Dragon*Con in Atlanta, GA; New York Comic Con in New York, NY; Stan Lee's Comikaze in Los Angeles, CA.