• Nightly Roundup #730

    One of the many reasons why Luna is so popular. Do any of you actually like her real show ponysona? Or is it a swarm of Woonas, Gamer Lunas, and other fanon?

    Anyway, have some roundup stuff! And feel free to talk about Luna too!

    Untangling Build-a-Bear Pony Manes

    Tangled mane getting you down? Not versed in Littlegirl-Fu? Have a guide to untangling your pony manes!

    Equestria Girls Songs in German

    Have a list!

    This Strange World
    Equestria Girls
    Time to Come Together
    This Is Our Big Night

    Thanks to TomSFox for the heads up!

    Filly Shy

    Why not!

    Crystal Doctor Whooves Give-Away Update

    Head on over here if you want a chance at it!

    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Woodburning Celestia and Luna