• Discussion: How Should we Handle Cosplay Submissions?

    One thing that has bounced around the EQD skype chats for a good year and a half now is the topic of Cosplay.  We get a ton of submissions for everything else each day, and a good amount of them don't end up making it on the blog for various reasons.   Because of this, we have almost completely avoided posting cosplay of any kind since the start.  Sending a song or piece of art to the moon is one thing, but it's a whole nother animal when you are actually rejecting a person dressed up. 

    But at the same time, Cosplay can be epic, and we see so much of it that we really do want to post! 

    So I'm here asking the masses out there for suggestions! How would you like EQD to handle cosplay? Should we simply hunt for it and post the cool ones on our own? Or should we open up submissions for all of you to bombard the inbox with?  Hit the comments below with your two cents, or just discuss pony cosplay in general! 

    (Sorry to the Twitter people that expected this two days ago.  I completely forgot!  I blame Buttons Mom. )