• BronyStudy 2013 Results and New Study

    Ah, ponies and science! Certainly the best mixture around, well, second best if I include socks. The BronyStudy has been hard at work taking the data gathered from those of you who participated in their recent surveys and they were pleased to announce their results at BronyCon last weekend! Not only that they are launching a new study which you can find out the details for below:

    "Thank you to all of the Bronies who attended our two Baltimore BronyCon panels. We are happy to report that a summary of the results for the two studies are now posted on our website at www.Bronystudy.com for your review.  We suspect that these results will contribute to a discussion within the Brony community about why people leave the fandom and why some non-fans may never understand or accept the fandom. We are also happy to announce that we have launched our long awaited Longitudinal Brony Fan Study. This study will ultimately allow us to address questions about the growth and development of the fandom.  Go to our website for further information.  We hope you will consider joining our continuing effort to understand the herd and educate non-fans about the Brony community."

    Here is a link to the survey mentioned as well as the study results!

    Study Results
    Longitudinal Brony Fan Study