• BUCK Livestream

    For all you late night people or European guys that aren't going to BUCK, there is a livestream going down for it, included in the Bronystate Newsletter.  I made a note of it in the roundup last night (mainly for the movie night that happened yesterday),  so this may be a bit of a repeat for some of you.

    Anyway, get the copy pasta below, or just go pick your favorite pony theater and watch it yourself.
    Hey pony people out there! Bronystate is coming at you live from across the pond! We will be having Brony Movie Night at 7pm EST, with the movies My Cousin Vinny and The Pentagon Wars in that order! Classic movies back to back along with pony episodes, how could you miss this? We will also be having our lottery to pick the next movie, so subscribe to our newsletter for a ballot! Your choice could be shown next week!

    Instead of Euro Movie Night, we will be streaming our friends over at BUCK, the largest Brony convention in Europe! Can't make it to Manchester? We got you covered! From panels to contests to other fun things, we're bringing it all! The stream starts at 5am EST this Saturday, but it will continue all the way until the next day ends! You can't miss a moment and it will totally rock your socks!