• Nightly Roundup #748

    Oh hey, look what the batpony /mlp/ threads made.  Socks, Trixie, and Batpony? You shouldn't have!

    We have another shorty roundup tonight.  Community stuff seems to be ramping down with summer rotating out.   We really need those episodes now!

    More Information on Sun and Moon Game

    Kind of a followup to that post from a few days ago, detailing some of the systems in place.

    Ultra Fast Pony 31: Sister Angst


    Princess Gryph Customs Vlog: Episode 6 Earth Pony Blues

    In which I show off my dremel, unbox some new business stuff, and ramble about unemployment and prospective writings. Yay!

    Find it here!


    Successful Meetups

    UK/Leeds Meetup Aug 31st

    Needs "Pominator's 22nd Birthday" meetup on Aug 31st! All invited!

    Saturday: Meet at train station at 11am, head to the carvery, then we have a vendor selling MLP merch. At least one artist will be around accepting commissions, also. After that? Pub crawl and clubs! Or, if that's not your scene, we also have a private bar booked til 3am Sunday morning for those who don't want to head out on the town. Sleeping space available (though it may be a floor if you don't ask in advance!)

    Sunday: Morning train station run for those who need it, then breakfast, shopping and a trip to the Leeds Royal Armouries.

    We to see lots of you there; Pominator is one of our organisers and is looking forward to this, so lets make it a big event!


    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Harley Quinn Custom
    Zelda Epona Custom
    Fluttershy Drawing