• Random Merch: Rugs, Bras, and More!

    A colorable rug starts us off today in Random Merch!  This was found at Kmart by Emma.   I guess you can plaster your floors with pony too now or something?

    Anyway, find some random merch below the break!

    Hot Topic Stuff

    Contact Lense Case

    (Found by Hayden)

    Derpy Lanyard

    (Found by Taps)

    Vinyl Scratch Humanized Shirt

    Available online 


    Also available online.


    Not even the sky is safe! Thanks to Sophia for the image, found at Poundland in England

    Enterplay Dog Tags

    Coming in September according to their Facebook page.  Thanks to Gregory for the head sup.

    Comb and Lipgloss

    For all the little girls out there.  Found by Maggiedroid

    And that about covers it for Random Merch! If you see stuff, send it in!