• Convention Compilation - July 11th

    Looks like the big one finally dropped their schedule.  I wonder how many are going to Bronycon this year?

    Anwyay, have some headlines: 

    BronyCon Releases Full Schedule and Additional Thursday Activities!
    Midwest Bronyfest - KC Updates
    DerpyCon South Kickstarter
    DerpyCon South Announces Extension for Singopation

    And full press releases below the break! 

    BronyCon Releases Full Schedule and Additional Thursday Activities!

    BronyCon is proud to reveal our full programming schedule for BronyCon 2013! Get ready for a weekend packed to the brim with over 150 panels and events! Our interactive online schedule allows you to easily see what’s happening in each of our many programming rooms at any given time. Enjoy hundreds of hours of community programming in our five panel rooms, watch your favorite pony videos in the Baltimare Theater, bring the kids to the Crusader Clubhouse, stop by our Stable Top Games room, or just hang out in the Quills and Sofa lounge. With so much variety in our programming, BronyCon truly has something for everyone. The complete schedule can be found here.

    BronyCon is also thrilled to announce another unique opportunity for those arriving in Baltimore a little early: an exclusive brony cake decorating class with world renowned Charm City Cakes! Is there a more perfect way to celebrate your visit to Baltimore, and BronyCon 2013 than your very own My Little Pony themed cake? Veteran cake decorator, Mary Smith, will be your guide through this magical class, as you learn professional cake decorating techniques and create your own delicious pony masterpiece. This event will be held Thursday, August 1st at 6:30 PM. There will be a cost of $150 per participant, ages 16 and up. Space is limited, so reserve your spot now by sending an email to [email protected] with the subject “Brony Cake Class”. More information can be found here.

    And remember, pre-registration closes on July 15th, which means there is less than a week to get your Three Day Pass for $70! Prices at the door will be $5 higher, so act now and buy your ticket to the largest brony convention of all time. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr, as we continue to make even more exciting announcements in the final days leading up to the convention!

    Midwest Bronyfest - KC Updates

    Panel & Event Schedule has been posted.  Badges are being printed and final preparations are in work.  We cannot wait until the end of the month to see everypony!

    Cherity auction items have been signed by Lauren Faust, John de Lancie and Mike Brockhoff at the KC Film Fest awhile back. Hope to see everyone at the auction, benefiting Child's Play, providing toys and games to sick children. All donations go straight to Children's Mercy of Kansas City.

    Our current line up of guests include Sam Vincent, White Dove Creations, community talent including CircuitFry, Michael A, DJ Squirrel, and Greggo’s Game Shows.

    Pre-registration will be available up until the week before the convention, but only those purchased prior to July 4th will have all their information printed. Registration is $45 for a regular ticket or $225 for Sponsor level admission.  Weekend passes will be available at the door as well as 1 day passes. Saturday will be $30 & Sunday will be $20. These are at the door only.

    Midwest Bronyfest KC 2013 will take place in Overland Park, KS on July 27th-28th at the Overland Park Convention Center.

    .Additional hotel, panel, vendor, artist, and volunteer information can be found on our website.  We hope to see you there!

    Website here!

    Derpycon South Kickstarter

    No press release here.  All information can be found on their Kickstarter page.

    DerpyCon South Announces Extension for Singopation

    We at DerpyCon South are pleased to announce that we are extending our Singopation contest to the end of July!

    Not sure what Singopation is? You're in luck, since the lovely Batma- I mean, Beignet is here to explain the details to you.

    Write a song about Spitfire in first person and enter for a chance to perform your song live at DerpyCon South, alongside our special guest, the wonderful Ms. Anneli Heed!

    Ms. Heed is a Swedish stand up comedian, impersonator and voice actress, well known for voicing Spitfire in the Swedish dub of MLP:FiM. In the same dub, she also voices Spike, Cheerilee, Photo Finish, Sweetie Belle, and several background ponies, as well as providing the singing voice for Rainbow Dash.

    Full contest details below;

    -Song must be in first person
    -Can be any style or genre
    -Must be under 5 minutes long
    -Lyrical content may not go beyond a PG rating

    The winner will be chosen by Anneli herself, you can host your song on any site as long as it can be streamed without requiring download (Youtube, SoundCloud, etc)

    Winner will have the chance to rehearse the song with Anneli beforehand.

    Afraid you won't be able to afford the trip? DerpyCon South is glad to lend a hoof! We are happy to assist with travel, lodging and we'll even give you a free badge to the convention.

    Everypony is welcome to enter, all cities and countries are eligible for trip assistance.

    We hope to see your song onstage this October at DerpyCon South!

    Check us out at http://www.derpycons.com